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Teens And Their Finances Essay

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Teens and their FinancesEven though some might say that a dog is a man's best friend, many might also say that money is a teen's best friend. However, teens do not seem to be treating these friends of theirs with a good amount of care.Teens should learn to cut down on the amount of money they spend, and learn how to manage and save their money. With expenses such as prom, college, and more things coming up, this is one thing all teens should learn to do.Everyday, teenagers are spending more money on clothes, entertainment, food, cell phones, etc. Today, teens are the largest consumers in America. Last year, America's 32 million teenagers spent about $172 billion, according to NexGeneration Magazine. That is about $104 per week per teenager. Over the last couple of decades, teen spending has increased dramatically.However, many Lane students think they should spend their money freely and should not worry too much about their future yet."Why not spend money now?" said Gina DiCesare, Div. 370. "We are young so we should have fun. We really don't have to pay for mortgage other house bills."One such event students at Lane can see in the future is prom. With prom dresses ranging from around $100 to $600, tuxedos from $100 to $300, and prom tickets from $120 to $180, students should realize the importance in being wise in what you purchase and should not spend money rapidly.Furthermore, many teens are working in jobs for close to 35 or 40 hours per week. With the money they make, teens often go shopping for clothes, pay cell phone bills, go to movies, buy food, etc. Not many teens think of how their money can help them in the future. This so called "love for money" can distract students from things more important, such as their schoolwork."Working takes a bit out of me schoolwise," said Gerardo Benaldez Div ___, "but I need this money for myself. I try to save, but I spend more than I should."Teens responsible with their money tend to have more discipline, and this can help them in the future if they plan to own a home or buy a car."I got above a 3.0...

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