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Teens Driving: Why Teens Should Be Permitted

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Not every country has the same laws. As an example, the age limit for Pennsylvanians to drive is sixteen. However, in Europe, the legal driving age is eighteen, for the government feels that the teenagers are not mature enough to handle a car. Even though in other parts in America, the lowest age is fourteen, America is considering raising the driving age in their country for the same reason. I disagree with this notion, for if a parent did not want a teenager to drive a car, they would give the command and their child would wait until they are 18. This is not the only reason why I am strong in my thesis. Good drivers should not be punished for the actions of others, accidents caused are ...view middle of the document...

People who drive under the influence, are probable causes for accidents. Influences include drinking, sleep deprivation, and substance abuse. Another cause for accidents include stray wildlife. Deers are a constant within our area. Futhermore, drivers who text are another cause of accidents. Both adults and teens are guilty of this. These are all leading causes for accidents. This demonstrates that accidents are not always caused by teens.

A final reason why teens should be able to drive is because before they are given a permit or license, they are tested to see whether or not they are ready for driving. They set up courses and mentors to test the student's maturity. If they pass the driving course, they are given the 100-question test to see if they know, remember, and will apply the rules of the road to each participants' driving. Parents should also want their child to be driving. With the constant pleading for the ability to drive and for a car, parents across the nation have a constant answer . . . “No!” Parents need to feel that they could trust their restless kids with their car. Even so, the problem is that parents feel that if their kids use their cars, the kids will be getting into trouble with their car, including accidents, tardiness, and a sudden drop in school grades. Yet, teens who have good grades, who are obedient to their parents, and who are well trusted, have a better chance at being good drivers. Tests, whether by parents, the state, or by the school, are in place to prove that teens can be good drivers.

This evaluation may appear biased due to the author's age. Moreover, there are still many different reasons why teenagers should not be permitted to handle a motorized vehicle. One of the true facts stated is that teenage maturity levels differ within each individual. Some teenagers are trustworthy and can be seen behind the wheel, whereas other individuals are less mature and cannot be trusted with a car. Another...

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