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Teenagers In Small Town Usa Essay

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When I think about Eugene, Oregon I think about the number one Hippie Capital of the United States. A place where the liberals run free and the minorities stay hidden. A secluded area surrounded by miles of agriculture, trees, and hills, Eugene is situated in the heart of Oregon. Additionally, it is also the neighbor of the number one White Trash Capital, Springfield. However, these attributes have been long omitted by me because, as a seven-year resident and senior in high school, I have grown to appreciate and love this unique town.The community as a whole shine with social awareness from within while the actual sun doesn't exactly shine at all. It's small enough for one to get acquainted with the entire area and people, but big enough to live your own life. Although there is a twelve-o clock curfew for the youth, the majority of Eugene is very safe from murderers, rapists, and robbers. Just steer clear from going downtown past sunset. One would first notice how green and non-flat the land is; which is, directly related to the continuously annoying rain and location. Buildings tend to be more noticeably horizontal than vertical in the downtown area, which are always invested by local potheads, hippies, and drug dealers during the nighttime. Down on campus is where all the city's energy is stored for without the University of Oregon, Eugene would be one step away from becoming another suburbanized hell hole. When classes are in session there is always something going down on campus, whether it being another student protest or Toga parties at one of the local fraternities. They say it never rains in Autzen...

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