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Teens Making A Cause For Rebellion

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When you choose to classify teenagers in the 1950’s, whether by class or gender, each groups are different than one another but some individuals have the same struggle that can make them similar to each other. Each group, no matter how dissimilar they were in backgrounds and behavior, each contained the same struggle that they had to deal within that time. In the film Rebel Without a Cause, we are exposed to three different teens who each had a different struggle they were dealing with that unified them to one another. In the beginning of the movie we get an idea of how teens were portrayed in the time period as rebellious and troublesome. As the story line continues we are taken from the portrayal that the teens were given and go into the teen’s perspective and how they reacted to the world. The film achieves this by following the lives of Jim, Judy, and Plato, three teens that are each struggling with a personal issue at home and are trying to find methods to cope with them. Through their experiences the watcher is showed the struggles teens faced in society and at home and how they were being forced to act a certain way when they wanted to break free. With each new scene the viewer is forced to see life from a teen’s point of view, where everything in their life is exaggerated and unrealistic, and what it meant for them to a teenager.
Rebel Without a Cause, is a movie based on three teens Jim, Judy, and Plato who are all from middle class families but are perceived as hoodlums to the eyes of many around them and takes place within a 24 hour time span. The movie starts at a jail where the three of them had their first encounter with each other. Jim was arrested for underage drunken disorderly in public, while Judy is arrested for walking the streets in the middle of the night by herself, and Plato was arrested for stealing his mother’s gun and killing puppies with it. Jim is new to the town and on his first day of school he tries hard to fit in with the popular crowd, Judy and her friends, which only makes them hostile towards him. They antagonize Jim and push him into going through with what is known as the “chickie run”, which is driving a car off a ledge and jumping out at the last minute. Plato befriends Jim and warns him of the danger while Jim is torn between what to do about the run. He decides to go through with the run and during the event Judy’s boyfriend, who is the one that challenged Jim to the run, got in the car because of his jacket and ended up dying in the event. This event plus the treatment the teens receive at home make them runaway to an abandoned mansion where Buzz’s, Judy’s boyfriend, friends follow them and try to hurt the teens. Plato goes into a fit and ends up shooting one of the boys and runs to the planetarium observatory where the police follow him. Jim goes in to help Plato relax so he will not get into further trouble but then Plato ends up throwing another fit leaving the building and in turn gets shot and...

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