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“It’s okay what you do here. I’m a cool mom.” That’s a quote from the latest teen movie, Mean Girls. Most parents think that being their teen’s best friend is something that will help them understand why teens do what they do. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Parents who give their teens whatever they want at whatever cost are wrong. They are teaching their teen to spoil their own child in the future. They also can start teaching their teen bad habits by not giving them chores to do or making them do homework. When parents become close friends with their teen the role of the authority figure is lost, which causes the teen to become lazy, dependent, and prevents them from succeeding to their highest performance.
     Parents who give their teen whatever they want at whatever cost is spoiling their child. Yes, we all understand that parents want to stay active and participate in their teen’s life. If a parent spoils his teen with new clothes, shoes, video games, and money that gives the teen the impression that it’s okay to ask for whatever they want, in reality that’s not possible. The teens have to work for what he wants. In a research 40 percent of parents said that they would buy their child everything they wanted if they could (USA Today). Sampson Lee Blair said, “Trying to play to every little whim or desire will create problems for the child later in life.” I have to agree. A parent can still be his teen’s friend, but in a different way, a parental role. Say that the teen asks for a brand new Corvette for his sixteenth birthday. The parent’s, of course say “yes” because they want to make their teen happy. So they get the brand new Corvette. When this person has their own child...

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