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Teens Should Not Be Scared To Be In A Relationship

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Teens shouldn’t be scared to be in a relationship because of a really bad break up that they once had. Teens should be more confident about the next person that might want to walk into their lives . In a article called ,”Am i in a healthy relationship?” It says sometimes its impossible to find someone right for you, but its good to keep looking for the perfect for you. Relationships should be based on trust and knowing that the both of yall are right for eachother . An yes of course you will have your ups and down , but in the end either one of ya’ll are going to forgive each other .
For example when people get into a relationship sometimes that relationship isn’t going to ...view middle of the document...

The girl is too scared to be with another person because she thinks they might hurt her like he did .

From that little story , I believe you don’t have to be afraid because maybe the next person might be your prince charming , your all , your love , or your companion. You should never just give up on trying to love again because then you’ll never be happy . You need to be happy because being happy is an amazing feeling , and everyone should have that feeling . Having a good partner just makes life so much better for you. They support you , they give you the affection you need , they care about you , they let you be yourself around them , and most importantly they make you feel important . Its nice to have that type of feeling , and i know that everyone wants to be taking care of like that . People should never feel alone like if no one is there for them they should always feel safe in their soulmates lives . Thats why there is hope to be in a good ,strong,and healthy committed relationship.

Another article i’ve read was ,”Love and Romance”...

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