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Teens Involved In Politics Essay

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Humanity lives in a world filled with politics. Politics have been involved all throughout history; it would seem that politics are effete. Some would say that politics are a farce, that politicians have corrupted our society. People have all heard of this “democracy”. In the society that the people of the United States live in, it is all about Republican and Democratic parties. The way that people are treated for ones political views is malicious. This is a controversy that has teens involved like in Cassandra Clare’s (City of Bones). The book talks about teens being involved in ones own form of government. In todays' world, teenagers are told that one is to ignorant, that one is not old enough to comprehend the vast and complicated ways of politics. If teens are involved in politics, or are doing something that pertains to politics, what will be the outcome? When teenagers take an interest in the world around, they have the opportunity to become more appreciative, cultivated and adequate citizens.
Teenagers should be involved in politics and it will help in later generations. Society and its rules are uncompromising and, in some cases, very hard on the younger generations. All throughout life people have always been told they have an opinion on political views. When one wants to be a part of a party, but is not able to chose according to the so called “rule” in one’s house. Is a choice not a choice, and is it not what one who choses what to be, or is it a lifestyle one is stuck with? Teens are opinionated and have confidence that one is old enough to vote. “Some young people believed the only way to engage them would be to lower the voting age to 16. Views, however, were divided about the merits of such a suggestion, and arguments revolved around whether young people are capable of making an informed voting choice at the age of 16” (Bruce and Ritchie, White 39). If teens are raised all around politics should one not have the ability and capability to vote at a younger age?

Parents and teachers spend sometimes ones whole life explaning what it means to be this political party, or that political party. Parents control everything until one becomes of a certain age where one is able to depend on ones self and think for ones self. Again is there not fault in that? Teenagers go for years thinking parents are terrible and or that parents suck and the list goes on , and reason may be that one feels like one is trapped because according to ones parents one has to be say a Democrat. Teenagers; are opintionated, and teenagers get opnions, and views, and voices,and ways of life from ones parents. If a teenager wanted to be a Republican but could not...

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