Teens With Sedentary Lifestyle And Its Effects On Their Health And Social Life

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Physical inactivity or having a sedentary lifestyle is being identified as the fourth common risk factor leading to mortality causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally and due to technological advancements. The statement of the problem is sedentary lifestyle of teens nowadays would eventually lead them to having certain health and social problems because nowadays teens in this century are now more focused on games on their gadgets and socialize on the internet instead of going out. With that said this leads to teens having less exercise than usual thus having a sedentary lifestyle which also contributes to social isolation where one prefers to be alone and not interact with others that said alone will affect ones social life which lead to bigger cases such as health problems physically whereas it may lead to obesity and socially where as it may lead to shyness and insecurity that will limit one’s social life. “Fast foods are likely to contribute to over consumption. A sedentary lifestyle interacts with over consumption and minimal exercise which produces obesity.” (http://ajcn.nutrition.org/)

This research focuses on teens that are considered to have sedentary lifestyles in which the researchers will be asking questions about its effects also the researchers are looking on the effects to teens with sedentary lifestyles whereas the researchers will look into the possible health complication that is brought to an individual due to sedentary lifestyle. In which the main purpose of the research is to identify the factors of having a sedentary lifestyle and the consequences it will bear to those who have it.
Specifically, this research seeks to answer the physical and social problems of having a sedentary lifestyle brought up to an individual’s life where the relationship between one’s lifestyle to being obese and having social issues is observed and the factors of having a sedentary lifestyle and its relation to vices like drugs

The audience who will be directly or indirectly involved are the following:
a. This study will not only benefit the school administrators but also the whole student body as it will arise an atmosphere of awareness about the effects of sedentary lifestyle as a person.

b. The teacher and students of schools and universities, including out-of-school youths which will provide them to having a better understanding of the limitation; knowledge of having a sedentary lifestyle that will enable them to know the area of difficulty and strength thus guiding them in reconstructing or molding their discipline programs to suit their needs provided with this information.

c. Furthermore, this study will serve as a theoretical model and basis for future studies of the same nature if ever the said problem has been pierced in this case will stand in the future. Future researchers will benefit from this study, and it will furnish them the facts needed to collate their study during their respective time and...

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