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Information systems in Health Care Technology has revolutionized health care by providing unprecedented access to communications and information to deliver health services and exchange health information when distance separates the participants. This has given rise to a new concept known as tele health. Although still new, telemedicine is rapidly changing taking advantage of a range of available technologies. Tele health uses a hybrid technology incorporating elements of television, telecommunications, computers, and engineering. It may be conducted in real time, as with interactive video, or asynchronously, for the transmission of text or graphic data, auditory verbal information, still images, short video clips, and full-motion video. The Internet is also used as a platform for sending data, text, still images, and limited full motion video. Robotics and virtual reality interfaces have been introduced into some experimental applications. The main fields where tele-health is applied include teleconferencing, teleradiology, tele-emergency services, telesurgery and medical education at distance, correctional care etc.Tele-health has the ability to create live, instantaneous, two-way communication including images, sounds, laboratory reports, and medical records providing applications for remote examinations and diagnostic evaluations.Communication between the consultant and patients who might otherwise not have access is provided, by the use of remote transmission of video, audio, and text data. In teleradiology, for example, a Neuro radiologist working remotely can diagnose brain pathology by looking at a digital image. Digital transmission locks the image into a binary code and transmits the code over the telephone lines. Because this code is based on numerical data rather than tonal quality, the information is not affected by background noise, so the image sent will be identical to the image received. Radiographic and ultrasound detail is maintained, including the subtlest shades of gray. All types of images can be transmitted, including radiographs, ultrasound scans, computed tomography images, graphs, ECG strips, photographs, and slides. In future teleradiology could give patients in underserved areas access to a consulting specialist through interactive video transmissions. However, issues such as the technical aspects, payment issues, malpractice liability and licensing requirements must be addressed for its success.A two-way communication between two or more groups or individuals who are at separate locations with the use of audio, audio-graphic and video means is used to evaluate the effectiveness of drugs etc, that is to conduct research, launch campaigns. They also provide educational resources to students and people who live in remote areas, also it can be used as a medium through which a lecture can reach a group of students in separate locations. A doctor and student could also witness a surgery-taking place at a separate location...

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