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Telecom Organising Case Presentation Essay

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This report purposes to examine the application of organising within a major organisation. The company studied will be the Telecom Group as this particular organisation is well known world-wide. Telecom originated in 1865 as the ‘Telegraph Department’ issued under the NZ Government. They later merged with the New Zealand Post Office, and over the next one hundred years, they installed, maintained and operated a wired telephone network nationwide. To this day, Telecom remains to be one of New Zealand’s largest, oldest, but most importantly, popular businesses. They were responsible for bringing telecommunications into the homes and businesses of Kiwi’s as they lacked competition thanks to government regulations. This report provides both an environmental and organisational structure as well as detailed discussion on two concepts. These concepts are the traditional organisational structures which allow people to excel by specialising in one particular job and the developments in organisational structures where competitive strategies are putting increasing pressures on organisational structures.
STEPP Analysis
• Change of work patterns
Many people operate from their home which suggests the demand for Telecom’s communication services will increase. Customers will want services to be readily available.
• Going green
People are increasingly going green. This makes it difficult for telecom to comply as the infrastructure needed for operation within the business emits carbon emissions.
• Production of communication devices
The production of communication devices are being produced at an increasingly high rate. Telecom must make sure that their services are able to comply with the new products that are being sold in the market.
• On line communication
With the growing rate of online communication, Telecom will find it challenging to keep people interested in using their mobile network services.
• Global financial crisis
Telecom will have to negotiate the best prices to keep their customers interested, which also increases their competition with other mobile network operators.
• People want faster services
Businesses thrive on communication and technology. Telecom must provide the best services to ensure that customers stay happy, this means better and faster service quality that are readily available.
• Mobile termination access service
Telecom is obligated to pay for services, which enable communication through voice and text with other service providers. This increases competition with other mobile networks
• Universal service obligations
Telecom must provide services to all residential areas, provide free and emergency communication services and keep their prices low so that they stay competitive.
Physical/ Environmental
• Impact on natural environment
Telecom sets up high cost infrastructures which are detrimental to the physical environment. Emissions from back-up generators and...

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