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Telecommunication In The Work Area. Essay

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The types of telecommunication that we utilize here at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical are two distinct carriers that come into two different pads, ATT and SBC. Both are primary connectivity to the telecommunication industry here at J&J Pharmaceuticals. So if one goes down there is a back up, due to disaster recovery. Meaning both telecommunication act as primaries and as each other's back ups.The backbone of the structure is fairly new due to the brand new development of the building. Cat 6 and cat 5e has been applied for the structured cabling systems for the buildings telecommunication and network lines. The GigaBand Category 6 and MegaBand Category 5e structured cabling systems include jacks, patch panels, and patch cords. Utilizing OC98 from ATT and two separate OC12's from SBC and a ¾ of the bandwidth supports the networking portion and the wide area networking for interconnectivity for the users and affiliates of Johnson and Johnson.Telecommunication system herein specified provides for voice, data, video and other low voltage signaling functions (such as for energy management and security systems) through twisted pair, fiber optic, and coaxial cable. The system shall provide acceptable outlets for any telecommunication device, which requires connection to other devices, networks or information services serving general university needs.Our telecommunication closet serves as a service point housing all equipment associated with telecomm wiring systems. Its primary function is to serve as a termination point for the horizontal cabling system, but all transmission media terminates in this area. The closet houses cross-connects and all associated electronic equipment, backbone and horizontal cabling, and associated pathways for the cable. Most auxiliary equipment is also usually housed in this area, including security systems, key-entry systems, file servers, etc.Depending on the size of the service area, the TIA/EIA-569 standard recommends at least one telecommunications closet per floor. Specific closet sizes are also recommended based on service-area size. This ensures sufficient space for all connecting hardware, as well as enough room for service personnel to function without causing undue system disruptions.Our equipment room houses the building's telecommunications systems such as PBX's, servers, and the mechanical terminations of the telecomm wiring system. Considered different than...

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