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Telehealth And Telemedicine University Assignment

1108 words - 5 pages

Nova Southeastern University
College Of Osteopathic Medicine
Biomedical Informatics Program
Written Assignment 1

MI-6415- Information Technologies in Medicine and Telehealth

You are the CIO of ACME Hospital in a rural underserved area. Your HCO recently received resources from a wealthy investor in the community to upgrade the hospitals communications system to a wireless platform. The boards of directors are not convinced this is a good thing, and have mixed feelings on what this will mean for the hospital. They all have cell phones but are unclear of the connection to medicine. Prepare a 4-6 page MS word document explaining to the board of directors what is wireless technology, how it works, its history, use in telemedicine, and what applications these technologies may be used for at the hospital setting. Read Chapter 1 to begin to answer these questions.
Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Wireless Network 3
Telemedicine and Wireless Network 4
Conclusion 5
Providing and sharing information in a professional and productive way are essential for most of the organizations particularly when it comes to healthcare organization. A computer network has allowed for this technology and now is taking into consideration for every business. Usually, the organization has two options when it comes to setting up a network. They can use a entirely wired network, which uses networking cable to connect computers, or they can use a wireless network, which uses electromagnetic waves to connect computer. Moreover, wireless technology is rapidly developing, and is playing a major role in people live throughout the world directly or indirectly. Wireless networks have allowed organizations to become more mobile and usually the organizations now are using a combination of both wired and wireless networks.
Wireless Network
Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which transmitting signals over invisible radio frequencies over part or the entire communication path. The methods of connection and ranges of available service vary in wireless technology just as they do in wired technology. Different types of wireless solutions can communicate ten feet, ten miles, or with a satellite in orbit. The first wireless transmitters went on the air in the early 20th century using radiotelegraphy. Garage door openers and television remote controls were the first wireless devices to become a part of everyday life. Now the mobile keyboard and mouse and cellular phones are routine.
A wireless network, which uses electromagnetic waves rather than wires to communicate between nodes, is an excellent option for business networking. Everyone can use this option to increase the existing wired network or to go completely wireless. Additionally, wireless allows for devices to be shared without networking cable, which increases mobility but decreases range.
Wireless networks are reliable, but when something obstructed with it, that can diminish...

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