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In today's world, a phone is so firmly entrenched in everyday life that it is impossible to imagine the full operation of any company without it. The ability to communicate by telephone is vital for any position.
Conducting telephone conversations is also an integral and important part of any business. It is observed that businessmen spend on average 4-25 percent of their work time on phone calls. Therefore, the maximum capacity and the clever use of means of communication such as a phone has a significant economic impact, saves time and minimizes the damage to the workflow.
Indeed, a phone has a number of advantages in comparison with other means of communication. The chief ones among them ...view middle of the document...

Consistency -- the ability to respond safely unexpected or indelicate questions and statements of the interlocutor. It is closely related to tolerance.
American experts on business communication argue that employees’ bad manners are one of the factors of the plight in many small businesses. Although, currently there are no standards for preparing the relevant workers to be competent to conduct telephone conversations, but self-respecting companies pay great attention to the corporate culture of employees in internal and external business communication.
To learn the rules of effective management of telephone calls, you must first understand the distinctive characteristics of this kind of contact and take into account all relevant components of this typical communicative situation. Such communicative setting aims are to locate an interlocutor to further business contacts, get and transmit accurate information without spending time and money on travel or correspondence. Role positions in the business phone conversation do not differ from those in a direct contact, but the initiator of a call receives an extra advantage, as he thinks his behavior over in advance, choosing the moment and the convenient manner of conversation. Nonverbal means of communication by telephone may be a pause (their duration), intonation (expressing enthusiasm, consent, alertness), a background noise, and, besides, the speed of picking up the receiver (after the beep), the parallel circulation to another interlocutor, and so on. However, all of these points may not agree with your motives, if the initiator of the conversation -- someone else. Thus, we must be prepared to ensure that due to objective or subjective reasons, the conversation can be broken, that the other person may just do not want to talk to you.
A phone conversation business requires some basic rules. The first thing to begin with -- to study the technical characteristics of the work phone, learn its basic and advanced features. This will save time and make the work more comfortable.
Preparing to talk is a very important part of business communication. Preparing for the telephone conversation must carefully consider the first sentence that is the theme of the call, which will save time for you and your partners, and time is one of the most important business parameters.
Also, it is important to understand clearly the call purpose, possible ways of development of conversation and its outcome. If you properly prepare a list of questions, their sequence, as well as clarifying and additional questions, talk performance will be much higher.
As for the time of the call, it is recommended to know when it may be easier to make it, and, at the beginning of the conversation, to ask whether the interviewee has time and to what extent. It is considered to be bad form to call home on official business. If your business partner gave you the number of his home or mobile phone with a resolution to call at any time, you...

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