Telephone Management Essay

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VOIP Terms and Definitions

Business Group CNAM’s
At business level you may set a caller ID for outbound calls, thus when calling your customers your own company name is displayed to them.

Basic Call Forwarding
In order that you miss any of your calls, this function includes the ability to ring your mobile, home, and work phones simultaneously, the forwarding of calls to one single destination, and forwarding calls internationally to any number worldwide.

Advanced Call Forwarding
For the advanced level call routing you may scheduling calls by the time of the day and by the day of the week, you also have the function of wildcard routing and call blocking.

Call Logging
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International Telephone Numbers, available in 50 countries including Canada
If you want your international clients to have the ability to make local calls directly to you, you can have a virtual number that forwards incoming calls to your chosen business number, therefore your customers are only charged for a local call. The price of this charge varies by country.

iPhone and Android Mobile Apps
You can check your call logs, voicemail messages and contacts, plus make and receive business call from your mobile phone by using these free of charge apps. Details can be found on our Android and iPhone pages.

Keep Your Existing Numbers
In order to avoid losing or missing any calls from important clients, you can keep your existing numbers with your previous service providers.

Multi-Line Hunt Groups
This function organises calls, so that an incoming call can ring simultaneously on a group of phones, or ring each phone in a particular, predetermined order.

Music on Hold
If you would like your customers to hear music when they are on hold, then this function provides that facility. This can provide a relaxing distraction for the customer, and reassures them they are still connected whilst waiting.
Online Call Management
The user account portal, Cloud PBX, provide a system for you to manage how calls are processed, options for multiple lines to ring in...

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