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Television Essay

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Compare & Contrast Sample Essay - Television Vs Books
Essay Sentence type
Books were the first medium to give people information on a printed page, then a Scottish man John Logie Beird transmitted the first pictures on 25th October 1925 and television was born.
Background sentence(s)
For most people watching television is better than reading books.
Thesis statement
Give a little background to the topic and then put in your thesis statement
Television is a very popular medium. Topic sentence
Part of the reason for its popularity is the number of television channels, which people can easily choose via their remote control.
Another reason that people watch television is to relax. Supporting In fact television is so popular that it has become a part of our everyday routine.
Analyse topic 1 in depth. You can refer to topic 2 briefly if you wish.
Books are a very valuable source of information. Topic sentence There are many more books available than television channels. Supporting
(Comparative) Secondly the reader can choose the book and the part of the book that they want to read.
And thirdly speed readers can read faster than they get the information from a television programme
Supporting (Comparative)
Analyse topic 2 in depth. You can refer to topic 1 briefly if you wish.
Books and television can be found nearly everywhere on the planet.
Topic sentence
Books are cheap to produce and for popular subjects are cheap to buy.
Supporting (Comparative)
Books are also highly portable and can be read nearly anywhere.
However televisions are installed in nearly every household and only need to be switched on to provide new entertainment and information.
Supporting (Comparative)
Bring the two topics together.
Both books and television are great sources of information and entertainment, but television is very relaxing with sound and moving images and is therefore the better medium.
Conclusion Finish off with a summary of your arguments and state your opinion clearly.
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Books Vs Television (Article and Subject/Verb Exercise)
Books (1) was/ were first medium to give people information on printed page, then
Scottish man John Logie Beird transmitted first pictures on 25th October 1925 and
television (2) was/were born. For most people watching television (3) is/are better
than reading books.
Television (4)is/are very popular medium. Part of reason for its popularity (5) is/are
number of television channels, which people can easily choose via their remote
control. Another reason that people (6) watch/watches television (7) is/are to relax.
In fact television (8) is/are so popular that it (9) has/have become part of our
everyday routine.
Books (10) is/are very valuable source of...

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