Television Addiction Essay

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Television Addiction

Marie Winn makes a convincing argument that watching too much television can be considered an addiction. Television has become a way of life for most families. Television viewing is so overwhelmingly prevalent nowadays that living without TV is often considered an extreme deprivation. TVs are everywhere, whether you are in a hospital, auto shop, or in the dentist’s office, there’s always a television by the waiting area. It’s a useful tool to help you from the boredom of waiting. Sure, people got other things to do and there are magazines lying around the table but people are more intrigue on what they see on the Jerry Springer Show. Television has been a part of most Americans’ lives and many spend hours of their daily life being in front of the tube. Marie Winn says that excessive television viewing is an addictive drug. Someone who is addicted or hooked psychologically believes that they cannot function without it. I actually agree that television is addicting because it is very similar like drugs or alcohol. In this essay, I will compare television viewing with that of drug use in regards to addiction. I will discuss how they are a lot similar and also different.
Being addicted to something can lead to dependence. Alcohol and marijuana are drugs that are commonly used and abused in the United States. If one abuses alcohol for too long and becomes dependent, they are considered an alcoholic or addicted to alcohol. Consuming a heavy amount can lead to a coma or even death. Drugs and alcohol are addictive because it leaves natural feel good chemicals in the brain and people just can’t get enough of it. This is the similar to that of watching television, it is comforting and it makes you feel good. The only difference is that when individuals stop drinking or doing drugs, they undergo withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, tremors, sweating, weakness and depression. It affects their lives and also people around them. In comparison to drugs or alcohol, excessive television viewing is not that damaging. Stopping yourself from watching television actually has a positive influence over people because they switch to more productive and wholesome activities than just sit around the couch and be on the tube all day.
Some drug addicts use drugs as a medicine. They often use drugs to take the edge off stressful situations. Most of us use television as a tool to relax our minds after a hard day from work. Both TV and drugs have a similar effect on people by giving them satisfaction, relaxation, entertainment and putting them at ease. Drugs are a lot similar to television because it gives us temporary relief and relaxation. With drugs or alcohol, when the high fades, users want to get that high again. Same thing with television, people get so accustomed to having it, they can’t stop wanting it. Once you are hooked on the program you are watching, you just can’t miss watching and wanting more.
Alcoholics or drug addicts lead a...

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