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Television Advertising Aimed At Children In Australia Should Be Banned

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In 2004, there were 5,500 TV advertisements and children who watching advertisements between 2 - 11 years old accounted for 22% (Cartere 2009). The roles of children in modern society are changing. Children continually assume larger roles in their homes and are becoming more involved in the shopping habits of the household. According to a survey, there are six most popular subscription advertising channels between children zero to twelve year-old were obtained from an advertising information company, and included all advertisements for food and non-food products broadcast between 7:00 and 20:30 (Hebden et al. 2011, p.127). Children become the prime targets of television advertising. Sometimes a good positive ads is an extremely huge role in children's education. Limit children to see the ads is very important because it has the potential to affect children's future. However, this essay will argue that television advertising aimed at children in Australia should be banned for several reasons: children's physical health and lifetime habits can be changed by TV ads. TV commercial not only be able to influence children's moral behavior, but also causes conflicts between parents and children. Furthermore, television advertising have a negative influence over children minds.Firstly, television advertising not only impacts on children's physical health, their lifetime may be affected as well. The unhealthy food advertising is ubiquitous in children's television programming and this could cause the serious problem of children becoming obese. For instance, according to the recent research by the Australian Government, the Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, indicated that 23% of Australian children aged 2 to 16 years were overweight or obese (King et al. 2011, p131). In addition, the cultivation of good health eating habits for children should be learned from childhood by their parents. Furthermore, the improvement of a balanced diet for people definitely influenced health of their lifetime. The Parliament of Australia (2008) pointed out that "Food advertising to children which is selling unhealthy foods, contributes to our obesogenic environment by negatively influencing children's food advertising." This means that watching too much unhealthy television advertising is negatively adverse for children. As a result, in order to protect the children, it is necessary to ban those unhealth television advertisement in Australia.Secondly, television advertisements can be able to influence children's ethical behavior. Many parents are trying to develop their children's good moral character but the content of the advertisements can give children leave deep impression and it impacts on children adverse such behaviors as violence. According to Baiocco (2009, p.176), "many opponents of child-directed advertising believe that commercials can have a profound effect on children's beliefs, values, and moral sense". Besides this, violence in TV advertising...

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