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Television And Modern Technology Censorship Essay

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For every swear word to every explicit image, the FCC is always there to try and censor the indecent and compromising content before it reaches the viewers. For many years, the FCC has always been televisions number one source for protection when in regards to filtering which content gets to the viewer. Television will always change, but for the better I think not. Through the years, the FCC with censorship has been on an epic downfall that even dates back to how women were portrayed and even to the images that aired on national public television. Censorship covers a wide range of outlets whether it is music, television, or the internet. Television worldwide may be one of the most influential inventions of all time, which is the reason why the FCC is watching and monitoring what is being released and viewed to the public. Television network stations such NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, etc. is even associated with the FCC and its standards and practices with censorship (Pondillo 1). Like mentioned previously, censorship isn’t just one thing, it is many things. Censorship is defined as suppressing the indecent materials and examining the viewing of movies, television, books, etc. From a blast in the past to the future and with the government being involved in the FCC, censorship is just now reaching its adolescent years, who know where censorship may lead us in the future whether it is for the worst or the better. According to Pondillo, in his book called America's First Network TV Censor : The Work of NBC's Stockton Helffrich, he says, “Censorship, on the other hand, is most often seen as a dark domain of repression and deletion, a realm of restraint, of controlled expression.” Pondillo is expressing that when the content is so heavily controlled and combed through practically with a fine tooth comb the desired content can lose all of its raw substance. Many feel that when their product is consistently monitored it takes the heart and fun out of the material.
Television Censorship in the past was one drastic change in television history; censorship was also a major television impact on society. From the 1930s to the 1940s TV was still very new and at in its birthing years; making the amount of viewers of the television only a few thousand. At a 90 percent rate TV has doubled its amount of viewers within just a decade making it more than 30 million viewers. Sex, violence, drugs, and alcohol is a huge acceptance and popular culture and because of the rise in these popular areas the FCC was born. The FCC also known as the Federal Communications Commission was established in June of 1934 (CITE A WEBSITE). Although censorship may be a broad topic, women on the other hand were a prime target for the FCC.
One of the major impacts that censorship has had on society was with women and minorities. Around the era of WWII, a rise in childbirth also known as the “baby boom” era had a nationwide effect of anxieties when it came to sex. In fact, in the 1950s a statue...

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