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Television And Video Game Violence Affects Adolescent Aggression.

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Here's the scene: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and a well-armed Elmer Fudd are having a stand-off in the forest. Daffy the rat-fink has just exposed Bugs' latest disguise, so Bugs takes off the costume and says. "That's right, Doc, I'm a wabbit. Would you like to shoot me now or wait until we get home?""Shoot him now! Shoot him now!" Daffy screams."You keep out of this," Bugs says. "He does not have to shoot you now.""He does so have to shoot me now!" says Daffy. Full of wrath, he storms up to Elmer Fudd and shrieks, "And I demand that you shoot me now!"Elmer takes aim and fires sending Daffy's beak whirling around his head like a roulette wheel. What does this say to children watching this? Don't you think this might make children more aggressive to see someone shot at point blank only to be unharmed and fit as a fiddle? I do and I plan to prove that video game AND television violence cause children to become more aggressive.Firstly, psychologist Brandon S. Centerwall states, "Children have an instinctive desire to imitate behavior. Unfortunately, however, children are not born with an instinct for evaluating the appropriateness of certain actions" (1-58). This means that children naturally model what they see on television and do not typically think about whether or not they should model what they see.John Murray, professor of developmental psychology at Kansas State University, made another very surprising discovery. He examined brain scans of teenagers while they watched bloody fight scenes from Rocky IV, and he found that there was an increased activity in the part of the brain that registers long-term memory of threatening events. This is also the part of the brain that is identified with post-traumatic stress. What this means is that they were treating the violence in Rocky IV as real violence. (Sullinger K3034).Another psychologist Leonard Eron has been tracking television violence and actual violence for almost four decades. His initial studies in 1960 found that even the occasional violence in 1950s television caused increased aggression among 8-year-olds. By adult years those who watched above-average quantities of television violence in childhood were convicted of violent felonies at a 49% higher rate than those who watched below-average quantities of television violence. (139-171).In a statement from the American Psychological Association they say, "The average American has seen 8,000 televised murders and 100,000 acts of violence by the end of elementary school and has watched about 22,000 hours of TV and some 18,000 murders in the media by the end of high school" (Sullinger K3034).According to a report given to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) by the Judiciary Senate Committee, violence committed by youths has skyrocketed. (The myth . . . among youths? np).Another report, released by the Surgeon General in 2001, showed a scientific link between graphically violent television programming and increased aggression in children. "The new...

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2742 words - 11 pages . 20 Mar. 2013. Web. 21 Aug. 2013. . Karlinsky, Neal, and Dan Przygoda. “Video Games and Violence: Every Generation Blames Newest Media, Expert Says " ABCNews. ABC News Internet Ventures, 18 Dec. 2012. Web. 26 Aug. 2013. . "Video Games Get the Blame in Colorado Shooting Spree.” Game ECA, 28 Mar. 2009. Web. 26 Aug. 2013. .

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723 words - 3 pages Some would say that video game violence could rub off on children and make them more prone to violence. Some would say the opposite, saying that video games actually promote a calmness and relaxing feeling. I say that video games help to calm and relax children or teens, instead of teaching them how to preform violent acts. Some people believe that video games promote a non-violent response from children-teens and make them more violent. It

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