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Television Commercials And Their Appeal Essay

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Television commercials are used for the sole purpose of persuading viewers to use a specific product. Some are enjoyable and others are not, but they all use different characteristics to communicate to their target audiences. Commercialists use many different techniques, such as association and promotions, to convince viewers to use the products they advocate. Theses methods distinguish the commercials that are more persuasive than others based on how they are set up and how they appeal to the audience.
Companies look to find ways to influence individuals to go out and purchase their products. One of the most significant ways in which this is done is through advertisement. Commercial stands on their own by using various techniques to coax viewers. Some of these techniques prove useful, while others do not. The most successful commercials are determined by their methods of persuasion. For example, companies trying to advocate products, such as Proactiv, would influence viewers by having people that supposedly are not actors promote their product. Many of these commercials, especially those on acne products, would show the audience then and now pictures of these people after having used the product. This shows the audience a visual of the effectiveness of the product and it shows how actual people who used the product feel about it. Unfortunately, this method can evidently backfire on persuading the audience. Most commercials that reiteration statements such as, these are not paid actors, but real people, make the audience feel as if they are lying. Furthermore, when looking closely at before and after pictures in Proactiv commercials for instance, the two individuals look completely different. It makes the audience question whether this product really works and if the commercial shows a false image of it in action.
Some of the most relished television commercials are those that relate to their target audience. Not only are these advertisements popular, but they also persuade more viewers to purchase their products. Theses commercials use many different techniques to persuade their audience. Some of these techniques include association of the product with someone famous, and offering promotions. Some of the most successful products have gained supported through advertisements featuring a celebrity using that product (Hudgins). For example, Coca-Cola is probably one of the most well know product with some of the most well known spokespersons. Some of these famous spokespeople include Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Bill Gates, Christina Aguilera, and many others (Ploshay, 2007). Seeing these famous individuals promoting these product influences younger viewers, especially, to go and buy that same product. Celebrities and other...

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