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Television Controversial Advertising Essay

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Television Advertising is a form of products exposure to the public, and in some cases controversies go with negative advertising. Television advertising of commercial products has changed the image of our society, with negative impact on children's health and behavior. Every where you go any television station you are watching advertising of brand name cloths, shoes, video games, non nutritional foods are constantly directed on to children. This should be discouraged due to fact that research shows how "children under eight lack cognitive development to understand the persuasive intent of television advertising and are uniquely susceptible to advertising's influence, (2006) American psychological Association. Marketers choose children because they can be lured in easily and can demand their parents to spend money on these item",, retrieved May 27, 2006. "Advertisers spent $ 105.97 billion in 1980. This number doubled 2001 when it reached $ 230 billion" (Laws 2003) Retrieved May 27, 2006 from Children are the future of this generation; they are the developers of new ideas and are the ones to expand the human race. "Advertising to children has long been a successful way to build a solid consumer base that will win the minds of children in order to secure a lifetime of consumer purchasing, advertising to children is big business." According to the Article, Upfront Outlook Grim, Wayne Friedman and David Goetzl.Controversial television advertising has influenced behavior and health of children. "The task force, appointed by the APA in 2002, conducted an extensive review of the research literature in the area of advertising media, and its effects on children. It is estimated that advertisers spend more than $ 12 billion per year on advertising messages aimed at the young market. Additionally, the average child watches more than 40,000 television commercials per year. The six- member team of psychology found that children under the age of eight lack the cognitive development to understand the persuasive intent of the television advertising and are uniquely susceptible to advertising's influence". http:// This research has explained it all how controversial advertising has deceived the young ones with their limited understanding off what they are being bombarded with day in day out. " Kunkel, Ph.D., Professor of communication at the University of California at Santa Barbara and senior author of the task force' scientific report says that "While older children and adults understand the inherent bias of advertising , young children do not and therefore tend to interpret commercial claims and appeals as accurate and truthful information," With the increase in crime rate most of these horrible crimes are practices that children were exposed to and believing to be true start practicing, resulting in habit of crime as they reached adulthood, changing our society to community of...

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