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Television Dramas often make comments on particular viewpoints and attitudes towards certain ideologies present in society. Characterisation is an important element in television drama, as through the construction of characters, non-print texts are able to construct and promote a desired viewer response. Characters are constructed in television dramas through the actions, dialogue and physical appearance of the character, and the opinions formed against them by other characters within the text. "The X-Files" is a rich example of a text that utilises the element of character construction to successfully develop and promote a particular viewpoint towards issues such as extraterrestrials and government conspiracy, that arise from within the plot."The X-Files" recurrently deals with things beyond the boundaries. The serial continually pursues the idea of extraterrestrials and other paranormal activities in the hope of unveiling the 'truth' behind the overwhelmingly large amount of unsolved FBI cases. "The X-Files" is based upon the activities of two FBI agents, Fox Moulder and Dana Scully as they attempt to explain the unexplainable. The episode Abduction evolves around the hijacking of several innocent civilians by Duane Barry, a self proclaimed alien abductee. Agent Moulder and Agent Scully's involvement with the case, however, begins to unravel the issue of government conspiracy and links into the central theme of "The X-Files", 'that no one is to be trusted'.Agent Dana Scully is represented as a medical doctor specialising in the field of forensic science. Agent Scully was assigned to "The X-Files" alongside her long-term partner of Agent Moulder. Agent Scully's position within the text represents 'knowledge' and 'reason'. The attitude that she expresses clearly demonstrates in her belief that science is the only credible form of evidence that will expose the truth. Her strong belief supporting scientifical reasoning often portrays her to be sceptical of Agent Moulder's often socially incorrect stance on the paranormal. Agent Scully values hard work in order to obtain concrete evidence to back any theories proposed through her work on "The X-Files". Her determination for the truth is made evident within the episode of Abduction. For example, upon discovering the implanted microscopic chip in Duane Barry, Agent Scully knowingly risks her own life by scanning the item through a local supermarket's cash-register. Agent Scully situates herself in such a position in a bid to verify whether the piece of metal was in some form of a labelling device.Viewers perceive Agent Scully as being intelligent and well educated. This is communicated to the viewers through the tone of her voice and the style in which she dresses. Agent Scully's voice comes across as being highly sophisticated and confident. She always maintains a high level of grooming and frequently dresses in business suits. This confirms the fact that Agent Scully is both intelligent and well...

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