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Television Essay.

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TELEVISIONHistory of the Television1927 - American engineer Philo T. Farnsworth develops the dissector tube, the basis of current televisions.1939 - RCA and researcher Vladimir Zworykin research and perform experimental telecasts from the Empire State Building. These efforts culminated in the debut of television at the 1939 Worlds Fair.1952 - The first UHF station, KPTV in Portland, Oregon goes on the air.1973 - Giant screen-projection color TVs begin to be marketed.1977 - 75 percent of TV homes have at least 1 color set.1995 - Wide-Screen HDTV sets are predicted to go on sale by 1997. 25.7 million colour TV's are sold this year.Television and SocietyEvery day, millions of people across the world sit down and turn on a television set. What is it that makes television so popular? The answer to that question is quite simple: it's entertaining. People like to have fun and to be entertained, which is what television provides. Turn on any TV and you can watch a comedy, a thriller, reality tv, almost anything.However, many people believe that viewing television can have negative effects on one's life. Violent shows can cause violent behavior in those people that watch the shows, especially if a child is the viewer. Negative health effects can become evident if a person sits around the house all day watching TV. But is there anything positive that can be said about television?Educational programs are believed to be a positive element of television, since those watching will learn from the show. Television is also viewed as being a way for anyone to connect to the world. Basically, television allows us to gain knowledge about events occurring in China, Brazil, and all around the world. Television allows us to communicate with each other. And of course, the main positive aspect of television is that it provides us with entertainment. Feeling bored with nothing to do? Turn on the TV for a half hour and enjoy your favourite television show.As you can see, there are both positive and negative effects associated with television. But no matter what anyone says, one thing is clear: television is here to stay. The technology keeps getting better, as more and more channels become available to us. Television ratings today are higher than ever. People are tuning in, and television is a part of almost everyone's life.Negative Effects of Television1)Violence on TV effects people, especially children, in negative ways. Before the average American child leaves elementary school, researchers estimate that he or she will have witnessed more than 8,000 murders on television. Nearly 3,000 studies have found a connection between television violence and real violence. For example, studies involving children show that the more violence a child watches on TV, the more violent he or she will act.2)People that watch TV are influenced by what they watch. For example, a person might watch a man swearing on television, and then they use the same swear words as the person on...

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