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Television Is A Threat To Education

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Everyone in America is brought together by a popular medium. Television is the backbone of modern society. Many people rely on television for news and entertainment. Additionally, television provides relief from the stresses of everyday life. Unfortunately, this relief is psychologically damaging to reality. “Television has become the heroin of the masses, a powerful escapist drug deviating stressed psychologies away from reality. For hours at a time, the human mind, never before bombarded with the stresses experienced today, can relieve pressure and relax to the tunes of a fictional world of beauty, perfection and orchestrated wonderment, a world that the natural human condition can never duplicate or achieve. Lost in fantasy and entertainment, the mind travels to locations far and wide, surfing the waves of channels in search of the greatest pleasure, and the most comfortable escape.” (Valenzuela.) Clearly, television forces people to think like clones. No longer does anyone have to think for themselves. Television brings people together because they all think alike. Conversation is easy to start up and does not require more than reciting familiar jokes from television. No longer does anyone have to be creative or unique for acceptance. They just have to emulate their favorite comedy star. This complacency is detrimental to creativity. Americans must have television removed from their lives to restore creativity to society. The government and must shut down every television station in America.
Clearly there will be much opposition. Some people may say that this is an infringement on freedom of speech. However, this is not the case. It is actually the opposite. People are not expressing original thoughts. In fact, television is telling them what to say. Television takes over their minds. “ The controlled environment is obvious to the victim; so is the terror. The victim is overwhelmed by a seemingly omnipotent external force, and a feeling of intense isolation is induced. The victim's moral strength is sapped, and slowly he embraces his torturers. It is man's moral strength that informs and orders his power of reason; without it, the mind becomes little more than a recording machine waiting for imprints.” (Wolfe.) Television takes over freedom. Psychologists are behind this powerful medium. Powerful men design the messages to be broadcast on television. Viewers just reiterate what they hear and see on television. People mindlessly conform to the ways of TV stars. People are so brainwashed by television, that they forget what is original. Their concept of free speech blurs. Unfortunately, not one person will admit that they are not unique. That would be a blow to their inflated ego. Humbling these brainwashed individuals is a must. Only after they can accept the fact that television is not real, reform can occur.
Reality has been altered by television. For example, people have been made to believe that it is normal to have tons of...

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