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Television Is Dead, Long Live The Pirates!

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Television is at death’s door with the internet stabbing it in the back. Traditional tv as we know it is dying due the copyright dodging, peer to peer file share system, known as torrenting, on the internet. Everything on tv you can view on the internet and more at any time you like. Tv follows a schedule so the show you want to watch might not be in the time slots that you can view them or not even being aired at all. The internet has all sorts of downloads and online streaming videos for entertainment whenever you want to view them. On the internet you can find an abundance of content that suits you more at your fingertips.
Copyright laws are in an ongoing fight against the fast evolution of technology. Technology is advancing far too fast for copyright laws to keep up with and is constantly being out dated. This has resulted in mass piracy over the internet without boundaries. The digital revolution is counter-intuitive to copyright. Technological change is moving too fast for adequate laws to be implemented and for affected industries to keep pace. Torrenting online is so easy and accessible to the consumer. Torrent websites are abundant on the internet and difficult to be rid of. ‘The Pirate Bay’ for example is constantly changing domain so it’s almost impossible to keep it down off the internet. Once it gets shut down the site soon moves onto a new domain to become available. “While the URL to the Pirate Bay itself has been blocked in these countries, numerous mirror websites emerged to make the website available at different URLs, routing traffic around the block.”* Although the site may be blocked, there are ways around it that are too hard to keep up with in maintaining the block.Another influence towards piracy is the lack of availability of certain tv shows in different areas forcing people to illegally download the show since they can’t view and have to wait until they can purchase it.
Consumers are more powerful than they ever have been before, with powerful technology at their disposal. In Australia the local TV networks are too slow or too cheap to buy in top international shows, so Australian viewers have turned to torrents to get their fix. Even when shows are available locally at an expense, Australian viewers seem happier to ignore copyright laws. People don’t want to have to wait and pay when they can obtain it for free prior to a release. Tv shows in Australia are generally, if even aired, are aired at really unreasonable times. To view the more popular shows you must have pay tv and be flexible at what times you can view them. Narrowing to options to view them on tv leave Australian views to wait till the season is over and the show be available to buy. Not only is this inconvenient, Australians become behind on the show and what is happening compared to the rest of the world. So their...

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