Television Is For People With Room Temperature Iq

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Nowadays, television has a big influence on our life. Almost everyone has at least one television set at home. What is more, many people cannot imagine existing without it, because it appears to them as a first need. There are also people who regard television as an easy joy for brainless public. As far as I am concerned television is for those who can profit from it.Firstly and most importantly, television is an immense resource of information on several subjects. To be precise, I find in television lots high quality programs: news form all over the world, facts, discoveries, disasters, cultural information, politics, and many others, which make ...view middle of the document...

As television has educational influence on people, showing problems and its solutions, teaching tolerance and promote good social behaviour. With time there develops a demand for new and better educational programmes, as develops people' needs.Furthermore, when we do not limit time of watching, especially for kids, it may lead to real problems. Researches shows that children glued to the set for more than 10 hours each week are more likely to be overweight, aggressive and slower to learn in school. For that reason paediatrics discourage "screen time" for children under 2 and say parents should limit exposure to television to a maximum of two hours a day for older kids. Interacting with people rather than listening to television characters helps children learn language - and become creative, independent learners.On the other hand, it can be argued that television is for people with room temperature IQ, because there is nothing good in switched from channel to channel, watching everything, so really anything. Just filling empty life, looking for easy joy. It is true, but it is not exactly a task of television. Its aim is to educate people, giving information and promoting good social behaviour. It depends on viewers if they can profit from it.All things considered, it strikes me that there are many advantages of television. As it is a main source of information and entertainment, it develops our interests and characters. Only if we choose what is interesting and really worth seeing for us, we will profit from television in the best way.

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