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Television: Means Of Communication Or Destruction

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Invented in January of 1926 by John Logie Baird, television, commonly referred to as "TV", has become an essential part of the family for many households in North America and all over the world. Earlier, radio provided all listening pleasure, but with the advent of television, life has become interesting for people from all walks of life. It is an important medium of advertisement in addition to the recreation it provides for the young and the old. But, there are also darker sides to it. Apart from being a "family member" that provides entertainment, television has also become a medium for current news and information, unfortunately, at times, the only source for people to refer to. Television, if one is not careful, can have a bad physical and psychological influence on people of all ages, from kids to adults.Television is a major culprit in giving people the title of being a "couch potato". It can ruin a person's physique. It can transform a person's shape from of Arnold's to an almond's. Studies show that children in North America watch three to four hours of television daily. When does one get time to get up from their comfortable "La-Z-Boy" and sweat some pounds out? TVs do not create scientists either. Oh no, they don't! Thomas Edison, the man with over a thousand inventions probably would not have gotten his achievements if he had a TV in his bedroom. The Discovery channel could be a prime example of how lazy man has become because of TV. It is a saddening scenario that how the activity of exploration with its excitements and adventures is now transformed into something, which can be attained with the press of a button. It shows how "exploration" into deep caves of the world can be done in a period of half an hour, including commercial breaks. When one watches these shows, is he really "exploring"? What is the point of watching dolphins swim on TV, when others except you, are able to swim with them? With the help of television, it can be very easy to create bias in masses. Television, if utilized effectively and wisely, can result to be the best propaganda tool. In a survey taken, more than sixty percent of people referred to CNN as their trustworthy news source. These people, probably, do not realize that CNN is financed and powered by the United States, which obviously makes it bias towards the US schemes and policies. This discovery, in turn, tells us that the news about the Arab world, Russia, China and other "not so friendly" countries may or may not be accurate. But, more than...

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