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Television Now Vs Television In The 80s

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Since its introduction in 1946, television has been one of the most important sources of information for mankind. After its debut, television rapidly spread throughout the country and for many it became the gathering point around which the family would meet to talk about the latest news. In the many years since its introduction, television has gradually developed to the one we enjoy today but at the same time this development brought some major changes to its quality. As a matter of fact, I believe that television today is very different to the television I used to watch when I was younger.
Nowadays, the number of people who gather to watch television has greatly decreased when compared to the 80s. During that time, people would gather around the television every night to watch the latest made-for-television movies, soap operas, and shows. At the same time, when I was younger, people would sit in front of their television sets to watch the news on a daily basis. Today, with the invention of the internet people rely less on television and more on the internet to get the daily news. On the other hand, websites such as Netflix, Blockbuster, and YouTube enable a person with the power of watching their favorite shows, movies, and soap operas on the go.
Television in the 80s was more strict and censored when compared to what is available for viewing today. At the same time, back then discrimination was still present and it influenced the programs and movies that were created for television. Nowadays, after the social rights movement, television is more inclusive and we are able to watch people from different backgrounds work together. Also, if we take a look to the channel lineup we can understand how much television has changed as compared to the 80s. Nowadays, we are able to enjoy channels not only intended for white people but for black people as well. Also, we are able to find a great number of Spanish speaking channels as well as channels from a great variety of countries.
Another important factor is the quality of...

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