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Television Talk Shows Essay

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Television Talk Shows

The United States’ longest running program is actually a news/talk show called Meet the Press. It began as a radio program in 1945, and had little changes when it was aired on NBC for the first half-hour television broadcast in November 1947. Meet the Press May have been the first talk show to be shown on television, but it wasn’t the first regularly scheduled talk show. Sylvester Weaver produced the first regularly programmed talk show called Broadway Open House from May 1950 to August 1951. Two Veteran Jerry Lester and Morey Amsterdam, who were stand up comedians, shared the hosting duties for this talk/variety program. Broadway Open House was a mixture of routines, singing, dancing and comedy, which would start a trend of new talk shows to soon follow. The Tonight Show staring Johnny Carson, which premiered October 1, 1962, was one of those shows that followed Broadway Open House. With Johnny’s little competition, appearing on his show became one of the first big breaks for many upcoming stars on the road of fame and fortune. His show became so big that Johnny negotiated a deal with NBC to give him 2 million dollars per year, while his taping schedule included twelve weeks of four shows weekly, twenty-five weeks of only three shows a week, and fifteen weeks of vacation. Some of the stars that made got their start on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson were people like Jerry Seinfield, Roseanne, and Gary Shandling. When Johnny Carson decided to retire, his show was given to comedian Jay Leno, making The Tonight Show one of the greatest and longest running shows ever.

Early Morning Talk Shows

A typical morning for most Americans consists of eating a hearty breakfast, drinking a cup of coffee, and watching early morning talk shows.

Across the nation early morning talk shows begin at 7:00 a.m. with NBC’s “The Today Show,” ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and CBS’s “Early Morning Show.” NBC and ABC have been in heavy competition for early morning ratings throughout the nineties, but when they each went through major changes with their hosts CBS’s “Early Morning Show” climbed its way onto the charts. In the article “Trash TV in the Nineties” the author states that, “NBC has attempted to build on Today’s popularity by launching a new morning show called Later Today in the fall of 1999.” By doing this, producers were hoping it would put NBC back on top. These three shows are very similar in their type of format. They are news, information, and entertainment oriented. In order to create competition, they are all put on within the same time frame. “The Today Show” is on the longest, running from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m., while “Good Morning America” and “Early Morning Show” only run until 9:00 a.m. People generally put these types of shows on while getting ready for their day. They can take the place of reading the paper, which many people may not have time to do. These shows keep the...

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