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The Negative Effects of TV A typical person would probably walk in his house after a long day of school or work and turn on the television. He would sit there staring blankly at the screen for about another three, four hours before he gets to work. It's a routine that many people follow on a daily basis. Television can be regarded as something that helps relieve stress and relax, but three four hours a day adds up to a lot of hours after a year. Along with hours of television watching come some unhealthy long term side effects that we don't realize. On a Sunday night, the typical family huddles together on a sofa in front of the television set, and watches a television show. This may seem to look like a perfect picture, but watching television deters conversation between parents and children. Sitting in front of the television set doesn't encourage much interaction since everybody is absorbed in the show. There even might be some arguments on what shows to watch once in a while. The teenage child might want to watch music videos, while the mom wants to watch a soap opera, the dad, the news, and the little sister, cartoons. From this argument may come a final decision to buy more televisions, thus splitting the family farther apart. Since television watching became a thing, the special quality pastimes the family spend together become less and uncommon. Our culture has changed because of the television; everything's become television-orientated. Instead of the friendly talks, the football game on television takes over. Television is becoming a big influence in everything and everybody's lives. The children don't learn anything from sitting like statues with no speech or action in front of a moving screen. Usually, through grandma and grandpa's stories and an older cousin's advise for college and the future, the children learn, from their guidance. But with the domination of the television, this picture is becoming harder to see. As a child is gazing into a moving picture screen, what might he be thinking? The answer is nothing. The child is thinking of nothing else but the screen before him. The hours a typical person spends in front of a television is about 3000 hours in a year. That is about one hundred days of non stop, twenty four hours of television. What a waste of time! The fast moving pictures of television doesn't give him a chance to think for himself and expand...

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