Television The Unnecessary Evil Essay

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Television-The Unnecessary Evil
Television, called TV for short, is found in most of the homes across America and most people consider it a necessity for their life. It was made popular in the ‘50 and without doubt, the television has had an incredible influence on the lives of Americans and on our culture as a whole. It has been a fixture in most homes since it’s debut, and according to In Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Psychology, it is said that that 90 per cent of homes in “many western societies” have it (In Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Psychology). It has connected our nation and the world unlike most other inventions before it.
The question that we need to ask when considering the things that have an influence on the lives of Americans, is whether or not the influence is a positive one. We also need to consider whether the television is truly a necessity. We need to think about whether it is truly a necessary tool for living an educated and well-informed life. Some would say that it has increased our awareness of the world and politics, and made us more knowledgeable. Others would argue that it has had a negative effect and that the negative aspects would outweigh any good in it.
I am of the opinion that television has had a detrimental influence on the generations following its appearance, and that it has been an unnecessary necessity in the lives of Americans. I believe that we as a nation have seen violence and an adverse reaction, especially in children, as a result of this poison that resides in the homes. Studies have shown that scenes of violence on television have increased and as a result there has been an increase in violent behavior. “The average child will watch 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television before finishing elementary school,” reports a study by the American Psychological Association (Facts On File News Services). How can we avoid becoming desensitized and violent people when we continually chose to watch this kind of trash and allow our families to do the same. Why are we letting children watch horrible acts of violence and graphic scenes on television, and then expect them not to follow the example they see so much? When we allow ourselves to be exposed to graphic and violent scene frequently we are no longer horrified by them. Human life becomes no longer sacred and acts of violence become the normal and expected and perhaps, dare we say almost acceptable. Whatever we allow to fill our minds and heart with, is what comes out.
A study was done by two psychologists from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research in Ann Arbor. They studied eight-year old children and the content that they watched on television. The study showed that the ones who watched violent television had more “aggressive behavior” and “the likelihood that they had been arrested for and convicted of violent crimes” in the follow-up study in later years (Facts On File News Services). That there is “an...

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