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Over the course of human history, there have been many inventions that have been deemed social menaces. These problem causing aspects of life have caused some people to believe that with these menaces, the downfall of society will come. In today's world, there are several social menaces that people fear may cause some type of destruction in our lives. One of the most common societal fears is the effect that violence in the media has on people, mainly young children. Many scientific studies have tried to prove that there is a link between violent behavior in real life situations and violence in the media, television being the main focus. These scientists believe that humans are desensitized through the violent fictions of the media. Since children, boys and girls under the age of thirteen, are more likely to be consumed by the false realities of media, they are at a higher risk of committing violent acts on others.
With many new inventions comes fear. This fear is caused by the unknown factors that the invention stands for. Nobody truly knows if the invention will work properly or if it will have a positive or negative effect on the people who use it. This was the feeling when the first quality television was created in the 1930's. People did not know what to expect while the new hysteria of live television was sweeping the nation a few decades later in the 1950's. At first media started off slow, but after a few years of existence, television would become popular and an extremely common form of entertainment. Little did people know that this new and appealing form of recreation would one day be considered as a social menace and as a cause of the downfall of society.
In the early stages of television's popularity, everything appeared to be going smoothly. Media was building in hype and looked as though nothing could go wrong. This was the thought of society until violence started to become a major factor in most television shows. There have been other instances in which a new product was introduced into American society, it then grew in popularity and because of an irresponsible interpretation, the item was deemed a social menace. Candy was the culprit in 1916. It was one of the social menaces that created mass hysteria in the United States during the early twentieth century. Like television, candy was imported from Europe and was instantly a hit in the United States. Candy was popular with all ages, but the majority of candy sales revolved around children. Because of the hype surrounding candy consumption by children and the sudden outburst of childhood polio in 1916, many linked the two together. Candy was seen as a threat to the health and well-being of children in the early years of the twentieth century because of the high amount of sugar and the uncertainty of how sanitary the candy was. Since candy was already frowned upon by many, it was easy for society to use it as a scapegoat in the polio epidemic of 1916 (The Candy Prophylactic)....

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