Television Violence And Domestic Violence Essay

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We examined the various forms of television violence and domestic violence in America. We provided statistics showing the amounts of violence facts about adolescent exposure. We compared and contrasted the differing effects of both and implemented a study to analyze the similarities. We observed children and gathered data regarding their response to specific kinds of violence and the psychological effects of each. We expected that the effects of television violence and domestic would be strikingly similar to one another and the results of our study prove the similarities and provoke awareness to the differences.

Television Violence and Domestic Violence have Similar Effects on Children
A staggering amount of research has been done over the past several years regarding what is shown on television and how it affects American society. Much of this research has focused on television violence and its effect on a child’s aggression. According to the research that has been done, there seems to be an overwhelming indication that television violence does in fact affect a child’s personality. There has also been a significant amount of research that has been completed, analyzing actual violence, particularly domestic violence. The research has targeted physical, emotional, and sexual abuse in the home and its affect on adults and children. Much of this research has been directed to the effects of domestic violence on children between the ages of 2 and 18.
Even though much research has been done describing these two studies individually, very little research has been done to compare and contrast the effects of both with one another. The purpose of this paper is to outline the effects of television and domestic violence and to try to discover if there are any similarities between the two. Even though there are other forms of multimedia such as video games and the internet we choose to exclude these, not because we think they are irrelevant, but for the sake of narrowing the topic down to a reasonable size.

Much of the research that I have done contains facts about the contents of television and domestic violence. According to the American Psychiatric Association, American children spend an average of 28 hours in front of a television per week. A recent article states, “By the time they reach age 18, they will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence. These numbers exclude time spent watching movies, playing video/computer games or online interactive media, and listening to music…” (Muscari, 2003, p. 585). Statistics such as this one display the facts about what is shown on television. The National Television Violence Study evaluated nearly 1000 hours of programming over a two year period and found that 61% of that programming contained interpersonal violence (Sclozman, 2002-2003, p 87). Something very provocative about the study was that most of the violence was displayed on children’s shows. An article in...

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