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Television Violence And Video Games Essay

1502 words - 7 pages

Garo Adjoian
Mr. Valderrama
English II Accelerated Period 3
May 29th, 2014

Controversial Essay
“Five thousand years of recorded history, 500 years of gunpowder, 150 years of repeating fire, and no juvenile mass murder until 1970” as Grossman qtd. In Mcginnity. Since the beginning of recorded history, no cases of extreme violence by children are evident. Like Grossman said, Juveniles have had the means to cause mayhem for hundreds of years, yet only recently has violence in children become a problem. This rise in juvenile violence can be attributed to the extreme amount of violence in modern media. While video games are not the only source of violence influencing the children of our ...view middle of the document...

Violent video games that influence children to harm others should be treated the same way as yelling “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater, sense it puts other in danger it is not protected by the First Amendment. Another opposing view of the regulation of violent video games is that, said games are regulated well enough and are not available to children. The opposition falsely believes that violent video games are not sold to children who are not of age, but a study done in 2006 by a Federal Trade Commission, “ revealed that nearly 70 percent of 13 to 16 year olds are able to successfully purchase Mature or M-rated video games” (Violent Video Games 1). The research suggests that violent video games are in fact readily available to most under aged children. If video games were well enough regulated, the percentage of children purchasing Mature and M-rated games would not be so shockingly high. Even though there may be several reasons to disagree, it is obvious that ratings for video games are not effective enough, because almost all children who seek to purchase a video game containing extreme violence, are able too.
The effects that violent video games have on children’s brains could result in dangerous outbursts of violence. Children who play violent video games are endangering themselves and those around them, evidence leads researchers to believe that, “ Rewarding points to mentally unstable 13-year-olds in exceedingly violent games, as children decapitate and perform other gruesome tasks, may be a recipe for otherwise unexplainable outbursts of real violence”(Game over for 1). Video games have connected fun with killing and decapitating human beings, the mentally unstable, might attempt to recreate the video game in their real lives, which would spell disaster. Video games are capable of desensitizing the player towards death and suffering, and if a child grows up playing violent video games, they will most likely not view murder and death the same way as an average person. When one attributes murdering innocent people with fun, and is desensitized towards death, what stops them from committing mass murder? Children’s young and fragile brains cannot handle the responsibly of taking others’ lives even if done virtually. The video games that children are playing are often used by professionals who are trained to kill, “… it is the same technology that our military and police use to simulate and train for real life battle conditions..”(Violent Video Games 1). Why should children be able to use the same programs that military members and police officers use to train? The military members and the police officers who are using the programs know they are practicing for a life or death situation, while the children who are playing these video games just think it’s an opportunity to have fun. If a child who’s been exposed to a violent video game gets a hold of a weapon, they might think of it as a game and want to try it out on...

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