Television Violence Contributes To Juvenile Crime

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Television Violence Contributes To Juvenile Crime In the article, "Television Violence Contributes To Juvenile Crime" written by Mortimer B. Zuckerman, the idea that violence in children comes from watching violent television shows and movies is expressed. This article states that children become violent due to watching too much violence on television. This article merely states a reason why some children may become violent over time but it does not state the facts. Children do not become aggressive from watching television. I feel that television has little or no correlation with the acts children perform.Children are raised with morals, and these morals affect the way they act. If a child is taught that violence is wrong, then they will not perform such acts. For example, if a child is taught not to hit other people, and then watches a movie that entails violence, he or she will not go out and perform the acts that he or she just watched. Morals are instilled in children; they do not obtain them from television. Movies and television shows do not teach children to act a certain way; they are simply a good source of entertainment.Kids also follow their parent's actions. If a parent is a violent person, then the child is going to follow his or her ways. Most of the aggression a child picks up is from his or her parents. I think it is the parents who need to be less violent, not the television shows. If a child is beaten by his or her parents, there is more of a chance that he or she will be a violent person. The child will think that violence is acceptable because his or her parent performs such acts. Children look up to their parents, and they follow their every...

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2521 words - 10 pages .2d 418,419 (1975).(Subcomm.) See Implementation of the Television ProgramImprovement Act of 1990: Joint Hearings Before the Subcomm. on theConstitution and the Subcomm. on Juvenile Justice of the Comm. on theJudiciary, 103d Cong., 1st Sess. (1993); Violence on Television:Hearings Before the Subcomm.on Telecommunications and Finance of theComm. on Energy and Commerce,103d Cong., 1st Sess.(1993); Hearings onBills to Regulate TV Violence Before the

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2792 words - 11 pages Program Improvement Act of 1990: Joint Hearings Before the Subcomm. on the Constitution and the Subcomm. on Juvenile Justice of the Comm. on the Judiciary, 103d Cong., 1st Sess. (1993); Violence on Television: Hearings Before the Subcomm.on Telecommunications and Finance of the Comm. on Energy and Commerce,103d Cong., 1st Sess.(1993); Hearings on Bills to Regulate TV Violence Before the Comm. on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

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3069 words - 12 pages coming from a violent home. It is difficult and expensive to get a large enough and diverse group of individuals to test for the research being done so the tests often don't represent society as a whole.The increase in real-life violence has brought additional attention to the violence on television in the recent years. There have been more school shootings, juvenile murders, physical fights in high schools, and more weapons being brought to schools

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3458 words - 14 pages Is Aggressive Behavior Linked to Television Violence?      According the Centerwall (1992), the average child aged 2-5 in 1990 watched 27 hours of television per day, or almost 4 hours per day. When much of what is on television, including cartoons and television shows targeted at children, contains violence, it becomes important to know whether watching televised violence can lead to or increase aggressive behavior. Social

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1060 words - 4 pages , murder rates held steady for decades. Ten years after television was introduced, murder rates soared by 54%. Peirce points out that Centerwall is on to something, but also points out critics will question the statistics and the countries chosen for study. He defends this by saying in a couple of decades people might realize violence on television is bad even if they do not agree now. Peirce points out that television makes suffering seem not so bad

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1941 words - 8 pages . There is not a one step process to correcting the evils of mankind. The degeneration of our nation did not happen overnight and the rebuilding will not happen overnight either. Small steps will need to be made to spread awareness of these negative issues. Having violence, sex and profanity on television is a problem for everyone and it is a problem that needs a solution. If society is concerned about our violence crime, sexual crime/promiscuity

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1031 words - 4 pages a semi structured interview about exposure to violence on television and video games. The result show that adolescents and parents agree about the adolescent's level of media violence exposure, that exposure to violence on TV tends to be accompanied be exposure to violence in video games, and the between media violence exposure and Disruptive behavior disorder with aggressive feature is not dude to a spurious effect of gender IQ.First of all the

Juvenile Crime

543 words - 2 pages and the juvenile use of guns in homicides has increased from 65 to 80 percent from 1987 to 1991.The possession of firearms plays a big cause in the delinquency of children and is playing a bigger role in the crimes which juveniles commit. Another cause of the increase of juvenile crimes has been the effect of children seeing multiple murders and other acts of violence on the television. Finally the demise of the family life and the increase in family violence has been the biggest factor in the increase of juvenile crime.

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2491 words - 10 pages crime prevention as the solution to juvenile crime. The preceding suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much we can do if we work together. Most importantly our communities need to realize the importance of not fighting violence with violence. Works Cited American Civil Liberties Union, The. "5-14-96--ACLU Fact Sheet on Juvenile Crime" ACLU in Congress (1996): 1-2. Macko, Steve. "Kids With No Hope, No Fear, No Rules

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