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Every day people of all ages are drawn by violence, sex, and corruption, without even realizing it. The culprit is television. Television has a profound effect on society with a decisive negative outcome.Television viewers are being harmed, almost every time they turn on the TV. Many people doubt that they could possibly be affected by television. Violence has increased 300 to 500% on television in the past thirty years (Levine 15). People are watching television and not consciously realizing that what they are watching is violence. Americans spend an average of seven hours a day in front of the television. A survey done by Temple University says: "Out of 2,279 children one, half of them watch whatever they want, whenever they want" (Berger 27).By the age of seven, a child begins to think logically and moves into the stage of concrete operation. This means one would expect children in this stage to be able to differentiate between reality and fantasy dimensions on the screen (Leone 26), but they do not. Children under seven could not tell real situations from unreal situations if they tried. It is all because of cartoons like Tom and Jerry. By watching violent cartoons and then switching the channel to something like the news, they cannot differentiate between fiction and non-fiction.Cartoons are one of the most violent types of shows on television. Almost every couple of minutes, cartoon characters are blowing someone up or throwing one another out of a window. Examples of these shows would be something like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Superman, and South Park.Television should be censored. Sources provide extensive information on why censorship is a good thing. Without television being censored, there would be pictures of pornographic scenes and glimpses of people being shot; kids do not need to see these types of images every time they turn on the TV. That is not the type of thing we want to show our kids at any time. Television is pervasive and powerful. The evidence for some kind of controls over television is strong enough to provoke popular and political concerns in society. It is certainly true that any such controls will involve some limitations on the freedom of adults to enjoy the kind of entertainment they might prefer (Leone 53 - 58); but for the kids' sake they should do it.There is real life evidence that TV and music corrupts society. Here are some examples of corrupted people.A cult in Maramors, Mexico, sacrificed 13 people,[sic] their reason for doing it was that they saw it on an episode of The Believers (Leone 20 - 21).David McCarthy tells the story of Mark Branch; a 19-year-old stabs himself, after killing an 18-year old. Cops searched his room and found a machete and a goalie mask, like Friday the 13Th. (Leone 20 - 21) A 9-year-old sprayed a Bronx office building,[sic] cops later asked how did you learn to load an Uzi? He exclaimed: "I watch a lot of TV" (Leone 20 - 21).Music should also be censored. Some of the music...

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