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Televisions Affect On The Viewers Essay

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Breaking Bad is another great example, where you get wrapped in with a morally bad character. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. He begins producing and selling meth with a former student, Jesse Pinkman, in order for his family to have a good life after he dies. Walt justifies his decision to produce and sell crystal meth by believing that it is what is best for his family, when truly that is not the full reason behind his decision. You grow to love Walt and Jesse even though they are doing something illegal. This series is a little different than the other shows I talked about because it is the only one where the main characters have real ...view middle of the document...

In real life we would most definitely dislike this man for the actions he has committed and especially for being disloyal to our country but while watching the show we grow to like this terrible man. We watch him constantly lie to his country and to the people he loves most but on the other hand, we are also witnessing his everyday struggles and home life, which make us feel like we can relate to him. This show is another good example of how TV can affect our morals. We bring these morals home with us and they affect our actions everyday. From growing to like this morally corrupt character we begin to somewhat believe that his wrong doings are okay when they are really not.
On a lighter note, Friday Night Lights also has a good example of characters that affect viewers but not as extreme as the other examples. One of my favorite characters in Friday Night Lights, is the bad boy whom every girl seems to want, Tim Riggins. He is a football star who comes off as though he really doesn’t care about anything in his life. He has a troubled past and lives in a small cracker box house with his older brother. His parents are out of the picture and Tim seems to cope with his troubles through excessive drinking and lots of casual sex. Tim makes many mistakes throughout his high school career from hooking up with his best friends girlfriend and cheating on his own girlfriend to going to jail for operating an illegal autobody shop. It is obvious that Tim doesn’t make the best decisions but as a viewer we see things from his point of view and sympathize for him. Although Tim is generally not a very good person, if you ask anyone who watches the show he is his or her favorite character. Tim’s bad boy persona who acts like he doesn’t have a care in the world is what draws people to his character and he does have a big influence on the viewers and their emotions. For girls watching the series, it makes them want a bad boy like Tim Riggins, when that is really not what is best for them. For boys watching the show, many feel the desire to want to be like him even if he has terrible morals and treats girls with zero respect. Tim Riggins affects viewers’ emotions by sending the message that it is okay to not really care what happens in your life or not care to succeed or go college.
Plato was the first western philosopher to torment oneself with the idea that fiction affects viewers morally. “Plato worried about the way that the dramatic poets like Homer played on the emotions of audience members in ways that could be dangerous and manipulative”(Harold, 297). Plato had the belief that poetry could cause the audience to produce strong emotions that the poem gives off and sometimes cripple social stability. Plato believed that the strong emotions and desires that came from poetry weakened society by undermining principle of reason and our willingness to follow through on these rational principles. He believed that poetry could be dangerous because it makes the...

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