Tell Me What You Eat And I'll Tell You What You Are By Anthelme Brillat Sararin Discusses

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“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are” by Anthelme Brillat Sararin. Have you ever thought that what you enjoy consuming everyday turn out to be a silent killer? For decays, soft drinks have been always children and young adult favorite beverage. During the past generation, carbonated soft drink consumption is dramatically increasing in worldwide in general and the United States in particular by all demographic groups, especially teenagers. Beside obesity and other health problems, caused by excess intakes of sugar and calorie, consuming soft drinks everyday also leads to serious oral health problem.
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“Children start consuming soft drinks at a remarkably young age and consumption increases through your adulthood” (Erickson).
First of all, education should address oral health problems such as tooth decay, tooth erosion caused by consumption of carbonated soft drinks, and raise awareness of changing beverage choices. According to the survey, which was taken in Georgia Perimeter College, most people (90%) know that drinking soft drink regularly can lead to dental erosion (Nguyen, “Soft Drink”). However, even though knowing that, they still drink it regularly from a range of one can to twenty can per week (Nguyen “Soft Drink”). The objectives of this are decreasing consumption carbonated soft drinks by increasing consumption of water, milk, or 100% fruit juice.
To support smart beverage choices, some potential polices should also be implemented, such as eliminating the availability of carbonated soft drinks in public places, especially in school where people spend a great part of their day and also where influence them the most. “One of the way soft drink manufacturers market and sell their products by contracting with school systems.” (Erickson). For example, in Georgia Perimeter College Dunwoody Campus most beverages that are sold in vending machine are soft drinks (Nguyen, “Vending Machine”). This allows students to have unlimited access to the soft drinks which also contrasts with what is tried to teach about good nutrition for health. Therefore, school must take the first place in involving in reducing this problem. In vending machine as well as canteens in school in general and GPC in particular, the number of soft drink products should be reduced or replaced with water, milk or 100% fruit juice which has a higher pH than carbonated soft drink (Cheng).
Additionally, as a part of the community, a member of Georgia Perimeter College, I can try to communicate with Dental Hygiene teachers and students who can help in opening a workshop to educate the students in school about how harmful the effects of carbonated soft drinks are. For instance, our group can show a quick experiment on how soda pop affects the eggshell and link it to human teeth. “The chemical composition of teeth is similar to the egg[shell]” which contains calcium carbonate, and teeth contain calcium phosphate (Ong 3)....

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