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Tell Us About An Engineering Idea You Have, Or About Your Interest In Engineering. Describe How Your Ideas And Interests May Be Realized By—And Li

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Electricity is such an elusive thing. It drives our modern world and it is the source of power for almost all of the devices in the world. Being from Bangladesh, I can understand the tremendous importance of electricity better than people from many other countries. A country where 60% of the population do not have access to electricity, Bangladesh has a serious electricity crisis which is heavily impeding its progress. However, this is not because of a deficiency of resources. The components are definitely there to resolve this major electricity crisis but it's only the expertise that is lacking. Being a passionate student of physics and mathematics and a witness to Bangladesh’s power crisis, my biggest aim today is to make meaningful contributions to my country through the science of Electrical Engineering.
My idea is to develop economic and efficient Solar Home Systems (SHS) to provide power to off-grid rural areas of Bangladesh. Today ...view middle of the document...

Going solar would be the right direction only if along with solving these issues, solar is made more economical and efficient. Successfully establishing this would take pressure off the national grid and they could focus primarily on the urban and industrial sectors.
The goal I have set for myself is definitely not an easy one. For this purpose, I require extensive technical knowledge of my field and this is why I have chosen to apply to Cornell Engineering. The Electrical Engineering program at Cornell University provides solid technical foundations in Physics, Computers and Math. These subjects cover topics like circuits, networks etc. which are essential to bringing my dream into fruition. Cornell also has enticing co-op programs which allow integration of a student's academic and career interests with valuable work experiences at various cooperating organizations around the globe. There are also study abroad programs with foreign institutions and among these is the well-known Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Cornell undergraduates, definitely some of the greatest minds of our generation, benefit from the exceptional research opportunities at the university and consequently co-author important research papers with their respective professors. These students eventually graduate to go work at General Electric, IBM, Intel, ABB and many other world renowned companies.
An engineering discipline at Cornell University will no doubt provide me with an extraordinary level of knowledge and well defined technical skills. The amazing capability of Cornell's engineering programs can enable me to obtain real world engineering experiences which can prepare me better to carry out my dream of resolving the electricity problem in Bangladesh. Furthermore, a Cornell Engineering education can help me carry out extensive research on solar technology which will help me gather knowledge, thus enabling me to benefit my country. Overall, I have always been passionate about making a difference for the better and I am highly confident that my dream will become a reality, provided I build myself at this wonderful university.

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