Tell Us What Experiences You Had With This Student That Will Place Him Or Her Apart From Other Students.

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It is a signal honour for me as an educator, to attest to the academic and co-curricular achievements of my former student, Tevin Bristol, as well as to highlight his excellent behavior and self discipline which characterized his sojourn at Christ Church Secondary. His time and contribution at this school can only be described as a period of excellence. I have known this student for over seven years and consider him an invaluable asset to our school and by extension to the youth arm of our nation.
As head teacher of the fifth form Science stream (twelfth grade), I was responsible for ensuring that students’ daily scheduled classes and activities were successfully executed. Therefore I developed a careful relationship with the students including Mr. Tevin Bristol and so carefully observed his personal and academic development. From since the first Principles of Business class in the ninth grade and until final exams, his performance was nothing short of remarkable. Even though he majored in science, he quickly grasped many complex business principles, while many of his fellow science colleagues found those same concepts challenging. Because of this in-class involvement and knowledge, I asked him on several occasions to teach and assist students for my class when I was unavailable. We at Christ Church had high expectations of Tevin for success at the CXC examinations and we were, without any exaggeration, excited with his outstanding results. His intelligence, maturity and humility have endeared him to all staff and students.
Tevin is truly an intellectual prodigy and once he continues on this path he is capable of achieving even greater academic excellence. Nevertheless, his athletic adeptness is as great as his academic prowess. During his tenure here, Tevin obtained a series of accolades for his participation at the inter-school track and field championships and annual soccer tournaments. He was selected on numerous occasions by major nongovernmental...

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