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Telling A True War Story Essay

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According to Tim, people tend to easily consent the ‘facts’ given of what took place during war (O’Brien, 173). Many people do not consider fallacy existence vis-à-vis the actual story of happenings in the war. Few people acknowledge that ‘facts’ of a particular incident normally change through wards of people. “Saving the Private Ryan” film by Spielberg Steven features facts of war story (King, 182). It is difficult to describe war in full using the language of human; Steven had to revise his stories so as to make sense from it. He included parts that did not happen and some parts that actually occurred so as to make the stories appear more credible. According to the text of O’Brien of “how ...view middle of the document...

There is irony in the text of Tim due to the double meaning of truth where truth is both sincerity and correctness. He tries to characterize what comprises a true story, but does not achieve this objective bringing out the main irony of his story. In some instances, Tim gives his explicit opinion, but the absolute contradiction of reality and honesty becomes implicitly visible (O’Brien, 184). He does not offer a brief step by step formula of narrating a true story of war. Tim ends up focusing on different truth kind. O’Brien uses truth to untangle the connection between fiction and fact (King, 184). He uses ambiguous truth nature as device of rhetoric to argue his point that during war one loses his own definite sense and thus the truth itself. It is evident that a soldier in the war may not exactly know and understand what is happening around. Telling the absolute truth therefore becomes more difficult. Tim does not exactly define what contains nobler and higher truth in stories of war. He just shares the fact that the nobler and higher truth is impalpable. There is further complication when by the fact that Tim and other soldiers are habitually not able to differentiate happenings from the individual truth. Metaphor comes out evidently as he delves into the...

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