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"Telling The Truth Is Often Difficult, At Times There Is A Temptation To See It As Undesirable" Discuss With Reference To Frontline And Related Texts.

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"Telling the truth is often difficult, at times there is a temptation to see it as undesirable"Discuss with reference to Frontline and related texts.In looking at the media and society today, we can see that the media's drive for ratings, and the difficulty in telling the truth can lead to the temptation to see it as undesirable. Telling the truth can be difficult, as, when facts are changed, the lie can become reality. As Paul Sheehan said - "When a lie is repeated often enough it becomes conventional wisdom, an accepted fact, a media truth". Examples of the way the media constructs and manipulates the truth into an emotion-fuelled story, beneficial to ratings can be seen in the series 'Frontline', the film 'Wag the Dog', the documentary 'U.S. Media Blues" and in various articles from the paper, and these examples exemplify the way the media represents events to create a plausible and credible story.The ABC's "Frontline', created by Rob Stich and Tom Gleisner in 1994, is a good example of lies becoming the truth, and, juxtaposed with the use of satirical comedy, it examines the behind the scenes of a current affairs show, and their avoidance of the truth because the falsified story is more desirable. This is very much the case in the episode 'Add Sex and Stir'. Brooke's story about women's sport demonstrates how the medium of television allows distorted constructions of he truth to be manufactured, as the real truth is undesirable for ratings. Brian even states 'Women's sport … it's the enemy of ratings'. To make the story more desirable, they 'add sex and stir' by claiming that the player was dropped due to prejudices based on gender bias - for 'not being a lesbian'. This demonstrates the media's obsession with ratings, and their 'stop-at-nothing' attitude, even though it is damaging to those involved. As Brooke sarcastically states "well there's a lead story, Stu, 'Player dropped due to bad form', now that's just ground-breaking". The point emphasized most prominently in this episode is that the 'sex angle' of the story is what makes the story desirable. Brian states - they won a world championship or something, its still women's sport" - and by dong so, refuses to run the story without the manufactured, misconstrued 'sex angle' added to it.This complete construction of a story because the truth is more desirable is also demonstrated in Barry Levinson's 1998 film 'Wag the Dog'. This is a story of the presidential election, and how the truth is misconstrued by people in power to create a fake war with Albania to cover up the President's sexual misconduct.'Wag the Dog' demonstrates how easily the public can be fooled into assuming that what they see on television is real. The truth about the President's indiscretions in this case is certainly undesirable, and the story is constructed in such a way so that the President looks heroic. The dark side of this comedy highlights the corruption in the political world. It forces the public to...

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