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Telling The Truth To Patients About Their Medical Situatin

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Does the doctor must tell the truth directly to the patient regardless of the families' wishes? Or maybe the doctor should tell the truth first to the patient and just after that to the family? Ruiping Fan and Benfu Li’s article tries to arguing if the doctor should or should not tell the truth to the patient. In my opinion, patients have the right to know their state of health. To tell the truth despite families wishes, and to tell the truth to patient before telling to family depends on many things, such as the patient's age , disease , religious beliefs, and etc.
First of all, if the physician is talking with middle-aged man about his state of health before talking with his family, patients might result in depression, he can regret of the treatment, and even give up. If doctor is talking with an old patient about their condition usually a lot of people decision is not to pursue the treatment because their life is lived and there is no meaning to agonize and to hurt relatives in the process of treatment. Exception is if a doctor’s patient is a child. For doctor is not necessary to say true directly to patient without talking with family. Saying about his medical condition before talking with his parents can cause some troubles. The child is not so educated to understand their severity, and the potential consequences, as well as he cannot make decisions independently. It is important before talking with the child talk with his family and to know him better. That’s lets physician be certain that after diagnoses child do not have a psychological shock.
Disease severity also has a significant impact should or should not physician despite family wishes about what treatment or what drugs they should get. If it is just a simple flue or uncomplicated sickness, physician will ignore family wishes what kind of drugs should be treat patient, he just simply selects the best medication. If the disease is complicated, requiring long-term treatment doctor should discuss with family members before talking with the patients. Physician should say to family what the treatment he needs and how it will affect patient. Family can help doctor to say about treatment to the patient without giving him physiological shock.
Chinese medical ethics and even today lets physicians lie or hide the truth from the patient to the end of the treatment, whit the aim that it will be better for the patient. The article authors Fan and Li argue, that “An ill person is first and foremost a family member – a weak, uncomfortable and suffering family member that is supposed to relax and rest and be looked after by other family members.” (pg#71). In my opinion you can take care for a sick man and after telling him a truth. To lie or not to say true to a patient is the worst thing what doctorate can do, even though it might save life. Moreover lie or unmentioned fact can kill, ruin or destroy patient life. And most importantly that the doctor does not feel guilty, because doctor...

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