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Temper Tantrums: How To Deal With?

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Children are the bundles of joy of each family. Having a child in a family means laughs, jokes, playing, and a fun time with this child. No matter how bad the day was, as soon as parents see their child smiles, they forget all about the bad day, and smile back at their child. In fact, some parents wish to stay 24 hours with their children to enjoy their first smiles, first laughs, first words, and first steps. For most of them, all their time with their children is enjoyable, except one particular time. When children throw tantrums, when a child whines, cries, screams, throws him/herself on the floor, and maybe runs out of the house with no known reason, most parents wish not to be in their ...view middle of the document...

” I realized that if I didn’t respond at once, she would throw a tantrum. Therefore, I stopped what I was doing, kneeled down to make an eye-contact with my daughter, and told her, “Honey, if you want to go the park, you don’t have to cry. You just need to use your mouth and your words, and ask mommy nicely, and we’ll go to the park right away.” My daughter’s mood changed completely; she stopped whining, and started to talk normally as usual. However, this method doesn’t work with every child. Diana T, a mother of two-year-old girl, said about her trials to stop the tantrum before it starts, “I used to do so, but I totally abandoned this method because I realized the more I try to talk, and soothe Gabi to stop the tantrum, the stronger the tantrum.”
Another good way to stop the tantrum before it erupts is to define the underlying cause of it. Dr. William Sears, a pediatrician and an author and co-author of more than thirty parenting books, answering a question on Parents web page, “Identify the triggers. Is he/she tired, bored, hungry, or frustrated?” If the child is hungry, it’s good to give him/her a snack to avoid a tantrum. The same when the child is tired, it’s time to put him/her to sleep; frustrated, be the helper to teach him/her how to do it, instead of doing it for him/her.
Another way that some parents use to stop a tantrum is by bribing the child to stop crying by giving him/her a cookie or a toy, or by giving in to what the child wants. In a survey between twelve parents, bribing the child was the second most popular way used among these parents with a percentage 41.67%, which are about five parents out of twelve. Only one parent picked that his way works really good with his son, another parent chose that it works most of the time, while three of these five parents selected the option that this way sometimes works to solve the problem. The problem in this method is, by always giving in, the child becomes more spoiled. Every time the child throws a tantrum, he/she will expect the parent to give in. Therefore, Dr. William Sears recommends that the parent identify the purpose of the tantrums before deciding how to deal with the child: frustration tantrums, when the child needs help in doing something, such as climbing higher than his ability. In this kind of tantrums, parents’ help and empathy are required and appreciated to teach the child to value the parent as a helpful, comforting source. The second kind of tantrums, Dr. Sears explains, is manipulative tantrums, when the child throws a tantrum to get what he/she wants. In this kind, a parent must not indulge the child. A parent should make it clear for the child that he/she can’t get what they want, and to make it easier for the child, a parent can offer a substitute for what the child wants, with explaining the reason for him/her (e.g. you can’t play with the knife because it’s sharp, and can hurt you, but you can play with the spoon).
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