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Temple Grandin Overcoming Challenges And Using Our Strengths Essay

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In the film, Temple Grandin directed by Mick Jackson a character that helped me understand an important message was Temple Grandin. The important message she helps us to understand is overcoming challenges and using our strengths as an advantage

One major and obvious challenge that Tempe faced was her autism. This made even day to day things difficult for her. People would laugh and mock her, We see this in the cafeteria scene when she was about to encounter the automatic doors. In the background we hear the sounds of laughter from the rest of the high school students. Autism also makes her very sensitive to sounds We witness this example numerous times throughout the film, one time being the same cafeteria scene, We get a close up of her face and see the terror spread across her face and we take a look inside her thoughts and see two shots of knives and guillotines slash across the screen, then we hear an amplified sound of guillotined chopping something. This scares temple. Another example of this is near the beginning of the film and we hear the loud echoes of the grate banging back and forth to Temple’s arm movement.

Another challenge that Temple comes up against throughout the film is gender inequality and being treated differently from everybody else. This was a struggle for her when she wasn't...

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