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Temple Tree Essay

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1.0 IntroductionHospitality is one industry in the world that has a rapid growth and also gives large contribution to theeconomy. It is a range of businesses which focuses on offering product and service for people that are away fromtheir home (Walker, 2013). One of the sectors in hospitality industry is the accommodation sector and this includeshotels and resorts. In recent years, hotels and resorts have grown up in size rapidly and also raised up manynegative impacts to the society for example, the overconsumption of water, energy and waste generation by them(Graci & Jacqueline, 2010). This is the reason why hospitality industry needs to manage and minimize their negativeimpact to the environment while running a profitable business.Sustainable hospitality, according to Bruntland (cited in Sloan, et al., 2009), is a hospitality operation wherethe resources are managed in such a way to maximize the economic, socio-cultural and environmental benefits tomeet the present generation needs while protecting the environment for future generation. Sustainable hospitalityoperations or ‘green hotels’ are very important in today’s management as the environment nowadays are havingdegradation for example the changing climate which can be seen from the increase in ocean temperature and sealevel that result from the melting of the polar ice caps (Sloan, 2009). Green hotels, according to the AmericanAssociation (cited in Sloan, et al., 2009), are properties that are environmental friendly or give less negative impact tothe environment and whose managers are eager to construct programs that have energy or water saving and reducewaste while making profit and protecting the earth. Malaysia has been one of the countries in the world that eagerlysupports sustainable hospitality which can be seen from the increasing number of hotels within Malaysia thatreceived the ASEAN Green Hotel Recognition Award and one of the locations is in Langkawi (Tan, 2010). Temple Tree is a resort located in Langkawi that has unique sustainable practices such as the restoration ofold buildings. This report aims to analyze the sustainable practices done at Temple Tree. It also includesrecommendations to improve the sustainable practices done by the resort. The objectives of the report are:1.To identify the sustainable practices by Temple Tree.2.To analyze whether Temple Tree is going towards sustainability in its operation.3.To provide recommendation based on the sustainable practices done by Temple Tree.2.0 Temple Tree’s BackgroundTemple Tree resort’s idea was started by an Australian hotelier named Narelle McMurtrie and built inbetween 1994-2005 in Langkawi (Rogers, 2011). Narelle is a person that has interest in old and historical thing andwhen she came to Malaysia, she was convinced that Malaysia’s hotel industry was lacking in the authentic Malaysiaexperience which is the reason why she started to build Temple Tree (MTC, 2012). It is named Temple Tree becauseof a Taoist temple...

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