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Temporary Working Essay

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Temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular within the UK, allowing organisations to manage when they encounter staff shortages, and external and competitive pressures. Temporary workers are individuals who are employed by organisations to fulfil job roles when they are in demand. Temporary employees may work full-time or part-time, for one week or several, depending on whether or not the organisation requires their labour. Temporary working contributes to the labour problem of low productivity and low performance, this essay will considered this employment form from a number of perspectives and discover solutions to this problem.
The articles will be critically evaluated weighing up opinions and arguments made by each author. Firstly a brief introduction of the profiling of the temporary workers, followed by reasons for employing temporary staff, and the benefits and drawbacks to both the employer and employee. Following the evaluation will be an analysis of each management perspective and solutions for the temporary working labour problem.

Profiling Temporary Workers
Kirk and Belovics (2008) suggest that a large number of individuals comply with the key characteristics of temporary workers. The most common profile of temporary employees is those individuals who are looking for flexible working arrangements or low-skilled work; women, students and immigrants. Conley (2002) agrees with Kirks and Belovics (2008) profiling of temporary workers, as studies have revealed that higher numbers of temporary contracts are held by these individuals. However, in Burgess and Connell (2006) article, Hipple and Stewart (1996) argue that the nature of temporary work has changed and is continuing to change over time. They disagree that temporary work is for those individuals who are seeking low-skilled or low-wage employment, as it has now stretched to professions such as teaching and nursing amongst others.
According to Kirk and Belovics (2008) workers will benefit from several factors while employed on a temporary contract, flexibility being at the top of the list. Conley (2002) on the other hand explain how tight financial control can cause the need for internal restructuring. Within the current economy many individuals are finding themselves redundant from employment, therefore for some individuals temporary working may be the only option to consider if they wish to earn an income. Therefore the point made by Kirk and Belovics (2008) regarding flexibility to be one of the main advantages can be dismissed, as for some, financial income and the learning of new skills could take the number one position. They also make a valid point in regards to the economic slowdown and temporary working. They suggest that temporary employees can be demanded when an organisation hits its peak period, however with the economy in recession many people are decreasing their spending, therefore the demand for extra employees is...

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