Ten, By Gretchen Mc Neil Essay

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Ten By: Gretchen McNeil
Film Script: Ten teens are on an island for a weekend party, a raging storm starts up and there is no electricity, internet, or phone service.
Living room Everyone is in the living room. Minnie, Kenny, and Ben are looking through the DVD cases on the shelf. Opening them one by one. The others are standing around looking confused. Ben opens a DVD case.
Ben: Empty, empty, empty. Meg: Empty?
Minnie opens one Minnie: Empty.
Looking around confused Kenny: All of them.
Lori looks at the empty cases Lori: That can't be right, why would anyone leave all these empty DVD cases
on the shelf? Ben gets up and heads for the kitchen
Ben: I think we need a few more beers T.J. picks up the remote, flips through a few channels ( All blank, blue )
T.J. : The satellite is out, must be the storm. All look outside to the raging storm
Lori: We could try to find some board games, maybe they have- Gets cut off mid-sentence by Minnie who looks around excitedly, holding up a home made DVD.
Minnie: I found one! T.J. : What movie is it? Minnie: It is homemade, I don't see a- oh here it is, It's called "Don't Watch

Ben comes in from the kitchen carrying four beers, he hands them around. Ben: Probably some lame vacation videos, or maybe...
He trails off as Minnie gets their attention. Minnie: You know what? Everyone is quiet.
Minnie: I don't really like this, this is how horror movies start. Someone almost dies. Creepy things start to happen, and before you know it, people are dying like flies.
People look around uncomfortably. Silence. Kenny grabs the DVD out of Minnie's hands.
Kenny: Are we going to watch this or not? Everyones attention on Kenny.
Ben: Why not? Better than board games. Some nodding in agreement. T.J looks scared.
T.J: Don't do it. Ben says sarcastically
Ben: It's just a movie man, chill out, nothing's gonna happen. And if it does, I will be here to protect you from the monsters.
Some giggles and snickers. Kenny walks to the TV, puts it in and hits play. He sits down as the screen goes black. An animated, hand drawn number "10" appears on the screen, suddenly a red slash goes through it. The countdown continues "9", "8" and "7" with the same red slash. Some pictures show up, a beach, starry sky, waves. "6" and "5" in the same manner, new, faster moving pictures appear, students taking a test, a class room, a lab experiment, a track, glee club. "4", "3", "2" ,"1". Red slashes. Everyone looks terrified and confused. All eyes on the screen. Then a song comes on, a girl singing. Words pop up,
"When you hurt someone...with intent...with cruelty. To steal someones soul." Pictures. A gravel striking, a lightbulb, a bonfire.

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