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Ten For Plum Essay

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This is a great story Ten Big Ones by Janet Evanovich has everything you would ever want in a novel. When first just touching the novel my eyes were singed by the title and short summary. In short words I assumed that I would utterly despise the book. As I read the book it became more than enjoyable with the non-subtle sexual references, cursing, and violence. Ten Big Ones, Ten Grand, Ten Thousand Buck is what you could win as the hero at the end of the story. The theme is gang related crime will indubitably fall. The star of the novel is Stephanie Plum, resident of Trenton, NJ. She is a bounty hunter not armature but also not professional. She is deciding on lunch at the deli or sub shop, while at the shop Plum and her partner slash file clerk, they see the infamous Red Devil robbing a deli mart and attempting to throw an alcohol bomb. Plum goes near halfway though book looking for him until she finds out that there is a hit on her. The hit is not for money but for power for the Junkman originally based in LA but has moved to Trenton to take a place of power in Slayer one of the two top gangs in the city. Her: over protective, off and on boy friend does everything he can to keep. Throughout the book while Plum hunted for the Devil and she was also hunted, Stephanie took her grandmother and Lula the file clerk to pick up people like Sally a drag queen, performer, government worker. Sally became a more important character than thought after. He’s stays to plan her sister wedding, but he is the hero after pushing through with his school bus and Uzi killing a large amount of Slayer.
The New Jersey setting is in specific detail. Automobiles are important in the novel they are used through the entire novel. Also almost every car touch was destroyed. They show a relationship of necessity and want. The setting never leaves NJ but moves from home to home. It was done by the main character for security reason. Every movement is major because it could mean someone one dies at that second or at that time.
I believe there is no easy way to describe the main character, Stephanie Plum. Italian-Hungarian descent, fast metabolism, brown curly hair, and blue eyes, with gypsy intuition (Evanovich, 2) that all makes up Plums physical appearance. Plum has some emotional instability. She has problems choosing which man she wants (Morelie or Ranger) and her emotions tend to cloud her judgment when caring, love or anything else will come into hand. Stephanie Plum is a Tender Minded person. When kidnapping The Red Devil Plum didn’t have the stomach to interrogate him to the means needed so she requested the help of a...

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