Ten Guiding Principles For Organizations Essay

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Ten Guiding Principles
Every organization’s success depends on the organization’s ethical behavior and accountability for its actions. Nonprofit organizations are no different. On the contrary these organizations have a greater difficult in succeeding. Each aspect of a nonprofit organization requires the time, energy, strength, passion and fortitude of simple individuals who have the vision and mission of the organization at hand. This essay will explain and use Florence Green’s ten guiding principles as indicated by Ronald Riggio and Sarah Orr, share a Guam nonprofit organization and how it measures up to the ten guiding principles.
Green’s Ten Recommended Guiding Principles
As indicated by Riggio & Orr (2004), the following are the ten recommended guiding principles that non-profit organizations must do in the twenty-first century: (a) become a learning organization; (b) become a transformational leader; (c) form strategic alliances; (d) give accountability and ethical behavior top priority; (e) develop indicators that measure the consequences on the community; (f) adopt results-based budgeting tied to indicators; (g) financially empower the organization so that it can do more mission over time; (h) creatively rethink resource development governance, and management styles; (i) adopt a vision and a mission that incorporate diversity; (j) be at the table (as explained by Green, 2004, p. 19-35). Leaders must commit to utilizing the guiding principles their non-profit organizations can further promote and provide the awareness and service that they sent out to accomplish.
Principle One: Become a learning organization.
With the first guiding principle nonprofit organization want to continue to expand its identity as a learning organization, especially with the changing society in an effort to continue to succeed (Riggio & Orr, 2004, p. 20). In any organization there are processes in place, and these processes primarily focus on particular situations with an outcome. For example, a potential hire completes a drug screening for employment. This process is essential for the organization to ensure that the potential hire is free of illegal substances. The results of the drug screening provide information to be utilized in analyzing the particular employment for hire. It becomes a win-win situation provided the drug screening is negative and the potential hire accepts the position.
Principle Two: Become a transformational leader.
With organizational change always on the horizon organizations must realize that change is a way of life. Rather than fight it a pro-active approach is to welcome it and utilize the change as a positive opportunity for all involved. This attitude can be ascertain by having a transformational leader on board to guide the organization, its employees and stakeholders through the process, adjusting to and embracing the change for a positive organization (Riggio & Orr, 2004, p. 23). ...

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